A One Day Maybe Philosophy

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A One Day Maybe Philosophy
 I have to concede that it’s unavoidable not to think abstract,
 thoughts at times on the pathway of one’s life,
 unusual feelings and emotions, those that are quirky and not exact,
 the science of where we are in this art ‘of being alive,
 I am none too old, yet l am neither too young anymore,
 yet l am of the age where l have acquired ripened wisdom,
 having seen much during my travels along many seashores,
 and those that have caressed my thinking with every passing autumn,
 My Mother once told me that l would find inner contentment,
 yet did not explain how this could be achieved,
 and when asked if she, too, had found her peaceful convent,
 her answer was blunt, ‘Sadly, she had been deceived,
 Yet she found joy in her children but not in anything else,
 and that inner peace was created by a state of mind,
 of understanding and acknowledging oneself,
 and allowing life to teach you and this takes time,
 Living alone now as l do, at times with ghostly companions,
 and losing myself in fathomless philosophies,
 trying to comprehend my direction in the depths of fountains,
 of knowledge of who l am and my past histories,
 Can, at times, trial my weary soul and strain my mind,
 in the search for this inner contentment once touched upon,
 by my Mother, now oh so very long ago, yet not in time,
 for despite my age, l am none too old, yet neither too young,
 And what is time, but the passing of just the seasons,
 yearly, we see them come and go without much distress,
 never thinking that, in reality, that time is of no other reason,
 except to serve us and at our disposal for us to possess,
 Yet time does not belong to us. Nature’s Mother owns it,
 She allows us to enjoy the beauty of her possession,
 and sees no consequence past the one-day week,
 which serves her to make up the ongoing seasons,
 Yet now, at the age of neither too young nor too old,
 and having walked away from life’s controversial fires,
 can l honestly say that l have not forgotten what l was told,
 and that contentment and peace of heart are here in the Shires,
 Where l live a life that resembles rural peasantry,
 only occasionally missing the touch of skin upon skin,
 from a loving partner with whom l could share all the beauty,
 and surroundings of where l am currently living,
 Stepping away from the planet and shunning society,
 It is not for everyone, and many would perhaps be driven insane,
 by the quietness of the at-times bleak wintry,
 seasons’, not thinking that time passes us quickly again,
 And that before too long, the Shires’ blossoms emerge,
 displaying to those who know and understand our ways,
 that humanity’s society is nothing but a blighted scourge,
 and that Mothers’ nature is all we need in our weeks of the one days.
 © Rory Matier 2010

If you would like to have a poem of yours published to the The Country Life Style Diary series or indeed wish to share your photography please feel free to email me at theautisticcomposter@gmail.com with Art for Poetry in the title. If you have imagery you wish to have used with the poetry then attach that to the email also.

Published by The Autistic Composter

Earthly Comforts is a wildlife journaling scrapbook focusing on the countryside, wildlife biodiversity and environmental conservation, flora and fauna volunteering projects, gardening, composting and vermiculture, inspiration, poetry and photography.

11 thoughts on “A One Day Maybe Philosophy

  1. Neither time nor how life eventually turns out is in our hands. I feel that every passing day teaches us a lesson about life, if we look closely. A beautiful poem. How’s your mom, by the way?

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    1. Hey Sadje, my mother and l are quite distant and way much more so than even when l wrote this poems a decade ago. This is mostly by her choice – she loves me but doesn’t always want to be social with me.

      I believe her to be well.

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  2. Hey JB! I’m still around, still trying to get my health sorted. Taking time to rest my body and simplify.
    Mental Health/ Zen is still going strong. A few bruises over this latest body stuff, but I think I’ve reached that “contentment” place. I know who I am, I am comfortable with me.
    Now, if I could get my body back closer to “normal”, life would be much better.

    We are constantly tested. We chose how we use these tests to further or growth. Or not. 😉


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  3. That is a lovely poem, Rory! Written in 2010, you sounded melancholy and it seems you are happier with your life now. So true, time does not belong to us we only borrow it moment by moment.

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