Forget Adventures in Babysitting!

Fascinating Musings
Season 1 – Friday – 10/02/23

No amount of learning goes to waste. It adds to building your skill set and intellect.
Shruti Haasan

Whilst the time to build the polytunnel isn’t just yet, it will become something most assuredly sometime over the next thirty or so days. Looking at the images below, it seems okay.

And yet Suze is already expressing concerns. Mostly because yours truly isn’t the savviest when it comes to putting things together and is assuredly appalling at reading instructions. I’ll have to get a team together and become a great gopher!

Suze is excellent at reading instructions, but l see the word destructions.

It is now going to become a challenge, and Suze is already suggesting ‘forget adventures in babysitting, think more along the lines of adventures in polytunnelling! Well at least l am good with getting the ground ready for it.

My powers of telepathy see there might be an exciting musing concerning this construction somewhere in the not-too-distant future!

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