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Welcome you to EWWW Quick Tips – that’s Earthen Wurmin’s Worm’s World to the unknowing – it’s a term l hear a lot from people when they first meet the worms and the compost and the compost worms “Ewww!”

So l figured, well, why not capitalise on that!

The quick tips series covers composting, gardening, hacks and other bits and bots too!

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Ewww Quick Tips Episode 8#
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Quick Hacks
Vaseline on the Stem

Something you might think about having in your garden shed is a jar of vaseline – l have found it works wonders for four main reasons with regards to gardening:


After gardening, rubbing your hands even if you wear gloves will ensure that your hands remain soft. Dermatologists also suggest using vaseline after gardening, especially if working with soil or water. The content will ensure that cracks in your hands seal and heal quicker.


Rub vaseline around the bases and stems of plants experiencing aphid problems. Ants and aphids share a symbiotic relationship – the aphids offer the ants a sugary substance, and the ants provide the aphids protection from predatory actions from other insects and or parasites.
By rubbing the vaseline around the stem base, you prevent the ants from assisting the aphids and allowing the aphid predators to continue to feed unassailed by ant armies!. The ants become stuck and then stop climbing the stem. This method works well on bushes, plants and trees.


Use a liberal dose of vaseline on garden tools after use. Clean the edges and or blades of the tools and then dry, then apply the vaseline – the content helps keep the rust away.


You can also use it around the tops of pots or containers to ward off snails and slugs. If there are heavy rains, it can wash the content off after a much shorter period. So renewing it every few days or so will keep it present.

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