Nature Diary

Sunrise over Woodnesborough Road

Shooting the Breezes!

An eerie glow on the Butts

Sun rising through the fog on the Ramparts

Music Score – Fog

I am busier these days, and time has become almost water-like with its ability to slip through my fingers faster than draining sand through an hourglass. Being active is good, but time disappears more quickly than usual. It’s the ol’ catch-22 syndrome. One minute it’s here, and the next, gone.

That’s been this week.

Already it is Friday, and it was like only yesterday it was Monday. These photographs are from an early morning walk on Tuesday when the day started extremely foggier than average. I could get some writing done in the morning, but come the afternoon, we were both at the client’s garden.

Wednesday was occupied with the Reserve. Thursday was a day inside playing catch up with business emails and writing content, feeding and checking on the worms, reducing photographs, shedding paper and attending to the bokashi.

Suze is also busier with her job and is out of the house in little pockets of time. She has been in and out most of this week. She is out today from 9 am to midday and then from 2 pm to half three—awkward times: Saturday, 9 am to 10 am and Sunday, 10.30 am to noon.

Awkward times that have the potential to disrupt the day.

This morning l was out with Mike taking pallets down to the allotment from the Reserve. Again I’ll play catch up, write some blog content, renew some of the Facebook adverts, create fresh ones, finish off my questions for the mini interview of Ruth, and start on Grace’s. The last two weeks have been filled with catching up on a, b or c.

Last night Suze and l worked on the layout plans for Plot 17’s growing season, and we still have to measure the ground for the polytunnel and start work on all the fencing this coming weekend. The fencing is a small job, but one that is needed for the future of the allotment’s growth.

It’s a bitty job. Another job for this weekend is for me to make the green waste bin which is why l shipped the pallets to the allotment earlier. This is to be a throw-in pallet bin – a place for me to empty bags of green garden waste from my neighbours and our gardening job. It’s the backup to our waste bins when there isn’t any space in the actual composting bins. Another minor job is utilising one pallet as the back entrance gate.

I also have to retrieve a bag of broken log bits from Gazen Salts to take to the allotment, which will be for our refugia/bug hotel.


But all this aside and something altogether and utterly random is a topic that Suze and l were discussing on our walk on Tuesday morning in the fog as well as on Wednesday and Thursday, and most of the last week was how much we are farting of late.

I gave up red meat in 2017, and last year l finally gave up all other lean white meats. I am now a pescatarian, or l should correct that to reflect gluten-free pescatarian. With the demise of my loved chicken, l had to increase my intake of vegetables, and as l have slowly introduced even more vegetables, you notice 1] you poop more and 2] you fart more!

There’s more gas in and out of your body.

I don’t think l have EVER farted as much in my life as l do these days!

Worse than that – Suze does it as well. There was a time when Suze wouldn’t even make mention of farting, and yet there are days when she sounds like a coal fed steam locomotive chugging along on the tracks – heck, we both do.

Gone are any signs of embarrassment – now it’s just fart and get on with it!

You try and be adult about it all – BUT – when you are letting rip of gas for like a minute, and you can sound like the air being allowed out of a balloon – your expressions of seriousness are wasted! Thank goodness we are respectable when outside in public.

Of course, Roland the Farter made a healthy career out of flatulence – he could fart on cue. There are few paying jobs for farters, and even the day of the whoopee cushion craze has gone.

Yes, there is always humour attached to farts, farters and farting unless there is no humour from the farting ones. Sure, Suze and l look at each other in dismay as if to say, “No way you did that?!”

We keep ourselves amused by the thought that farting is good for the colon … which is all well and dandy if they are not foul smelling, and yet, the strange thing about vegetables and gas is that usually, they are. Something l found fascinating was this …the human species releases 73 metric tons of fart methane daily!

Worse than that are the vegans or gluten-free pescatarians like Suze and me, who eat more of a plant-based diet and can break wind or pass gas or trump like a good un and will do so on average seven more times a day than a meat eater!

Cows produce more methane gas per day than humans do, yet when l am sitting alone typing as l am now, alone in the house and farting like there is no tomorrow, that still doesn’t make me feel any better!

Especially when they stink of cabbage!

Sunrise over
Upper Strand Street [Above]
and over

Millwall [Below]

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9 thoughts on “Nature Diary

  1. LOL – and I really like the sunrise photos…I think I like sunrises more than sunsets – sunrise means it’s time for bed – or would if I lived in my perfect world *sigh*

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  2. Yes, diet and an aging body… 🤣🤣🤣 being human is tough on those without a sense of humor! I eat a LOT of beans for my protein and yep, they ARE the “musical fruit”.
    Let ‘er rip! I say. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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