Slowly Becoming Impaled!

Plot 17 – The Earthly Comforts Garden

Season Two – Planning Plot 17 January – April 2023

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Slowly Becoming Impaled!

Part Three
A good neighbor is a fellow who smiles at you over the back fence, but doesn’t climb over it.

Arthur Baer

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This is what the side back fence looked like on the 21st February – Tuesday – when we first started the fencing project. You can see the winter hedge – the fence line comprised of a few thin posts supporting chicken wire. We wanted and needed to make that back fence like all the fences stronger.
Gallery from Tuesday 21st.

Suze started work on stage one of the orchard stock fence – this is the one that will be filled with sticks to act as a wind breaker and also have the cane weaving. The new wire fence line for the end of the compost bins was renewed also stage one.

Yesterday was full on for Suze and me in the physical department down on the allotment.

This week is dedicated to getting a few particular tasks completed. These are in the primary – fencing, heightening some of the raised beds, creating the refugia’s skeleton and constructing some new leaf compost bins. We don’t waste time and work to make every moment and hour count wherever and with whatever we do.

Earlier today, for three and a half hours, l was occupied with very physical lifting and walking work-related tasks collecting one and a half tons of wet leaves from a neighbour who lives a quarter mile away from where l live.

1.5 tons of wet leaves equates to each half-mile round trip shouldering two heavy bags of leaves, and now out the back of the house, l have sixteen bags of leaves ready for transport. Once down at the allotment, l will black bag them and store them by the side of the fence, ready for use further down the line in the compost bins.

I have plans to make either one or two round leaf mulch/compost open storage bays which serve two purposes – 1] as a secondary storage for leaves and 2] as a great place for bugs to hang out in whilst the leaves are being stored. The leaves when not being used will slowly decompose down and turn to mulch.

I was also down at Gazen Salts early this morning sorting out more paling fencing, and Mike took me down to the allotment on a quick round trip and together we unloaded another few bundles ready for Suze and l to continue with the fencing project this week.

There are still roughly five more bundles of coiled fencing to ship down to the allotment each coil measures between 10 – 22 feet in length, but it is raining heavily today, and this can prevent dedicated fence work. You don’t need it bone dry, but you don’t need the ground sodden.

But yesterday, there was quite a bit of significant sledgehammer work.

Suze and l are both pleased with the results so far, and as you can see with the gallery below, we are coming along in leaps and bounds. The fencing projects will be finished this week by Sunday. I am the reserve tomorrow morning, then out in the afternoon, and we are both at the client’s garden on Thursday, so Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be back at the allotment finishing off.

I started the hot composting bins off yesterday as well. I currently have three tons of compost on the go in various stages over six compost boxes. The tunny box is a hot compost only on weekly turns as it holds such a dense content volume by itself that the weight motivates tremdous heat and therefore doesn’t need turning over once every three days.

The other two tons of compost are now in a primary mode, meaning they are just standing with composting content topped off with coffee grounds and horse manure which generates a lot of internal heat and awaiting the time for me to start their twice weekly turning stages, which l will begin on Monday 6th March.

They would typically be on an 80-day cycle; however, as they performed pretty well in the second tunny box, l can get them ready for use in 30 days or ten turns. Meaning the additional two tons will be prepared for use in early April.

Compost aside, Suze and l were down at the allotment from 9 am yesterday till 5 pm, and we got a lot done in those eight hours. If we can finish off the paling fencing on Friday, then come the weekend, Suze can start to weave the willow and raspberry into the orchard’s stock fencing.

Gallery from Monday 27th.

There are several Fencing Projects in various stages – although a couple are now completed – there is some double paling to complete and one entire fence line needs to be worked on which is the fence that lies between our plot and our side by side neighbour. Come the weekend all fencing will be finished. The entire plot will be at that point completely paled in or as l like to joke, Suze and l will be impaled!

Once the fencing projects are complete, we can start to prepare the orchard ground for the erection of the polytunnel.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time. Till then, have yourselves a terrific day!

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17 thoughts on “Slowly Becoming Impaled!

    1. Thanks Sadje, it’s really coming together now, once the fencing is done, the polytunnel erected and a bit more work on bark chippings it’ll look very different again.

      We already have other allotmenteers looking on in awe 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well as Mike jokingly suggested yesterday and he wasn’t wrong – we have the best plot of all the allotments and we aren’t even growing anything yet!!

        Hahaha that’s so true, the real test will come with planning and growing from plot to plate a full twelve month’s season’s worth of crop 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Wow you guys do amazing!! I bet you do blow all the other allotments away!! Totally!!

    There is no way anyone else can top you two!! No way!!!

    I bet they look in awe 👏👏👏

    You have it mastered!! 🙌

    Liked by 1 person

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