Branded By Society

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Are You Branded By Society
Having never been ruled by materialistic values,
I find it a sad state of affairs,
That humankind believes happiness is accrued,
By possessions and otherworldly wares,
Allowing them to become ensnared,
Pushed and enticed by society,
That subliminally promotes despair,
Onto those not seduced by the ‘ownership’ beauty,
Constantly we are under the barrage of advertising,
Hurled upon us from all venues and media forms,
Daily our minds are assaulted by others selling,
Items, possessions, desires, and other sinful conforms,
That will enrich our lives to no end,
And boost our kudos within commercial consumerism,
Failing to comply and spend,
Will result in us damning our souls and becoming victims,
And people fall for this, as has been the case for many years,
After which, in the quest for overall happiness,
Buying into the materialistic systems will allay our fears,
And we will become wholesome, yet penniless!
But this does not matter, for with all of our goods,
We can lead healthy and stress-free lives,
Irrelevant again that we are seduced by falsehoods,
Branded by a society that knows not how to forgive,
Those who do not buy into this supposed paradise,
Of possessions of such incredible power and greatness,
And are not driven to open their wallet due to the lies,
Promoted by the advertisers who sell happiness?
Clever and skilful marketers inform us all the time,
We should ‘get a life’ by buying into conspicuous consumption,
This alone will increase our social status and lifetimes,
Always the promotional tagline from the gifted salesman!
Indeed, it is a critical and well-known fact,
That to own a practical ‘anything’ is not enough,
It may do the job required, but lacks…
Panache, je ne sais quoi and is too rough,
‘No, no, no’ a vehicle that gets you from A – B,
Might be ideal and worthy of your credit line,
Yet perception by those orientated materialistically,
Will look upon you as a social waste of time,
You have to ask yourself at least once in your life,
Do l need all these gimmicks of vice,
Spending myself out of pocket and plummeting into credit strife,
To keep up with the Jone’s and to look ‘socially nice’?
Does it matter if l have the latest craze or trend,
Will my life now be so enriched that l will dazzle,
Astound and genuinely impress my standing and friends,
To have the newest gadget will improve my lifestyle?
Those that are considered wealthy and more prosperous than most,
Predominantly live modest and humble lives,
Appreciating the little, they do own and value the utmost,
Delightful pleasures that require not being captives,
In a society that is turning itself into a greedy nation,
Where expensive wares, the latest fashion and the highest technology,
Are to be seen as the way forward to consumer heaven,
Irrelevant to the damning effects it may have on man’s psychology,
Gone are the days when items of ownership used to last,
For now, we live in a genuinely disposable society,
Newly acquired possessions are burnt up too fast,
Their values are worthless because of the advertised variety,
Many are not content to be happy with the purchase,
For there may be something better next week,
Disposable items are rubbish and are not ageless,
Like they were before the consumerism chic,
Now, we see many indulging hotly in commercial desires,
Desperate to keep up with society’s branding,
And constantly buying into the market of ‘newly acquireds’
Fearful of not complying will result in a lynching,
I have no time for this foolhardiness, these falsehoods,
I turned my back on society branding and everything glossy,
All l want is for my life to be stress-free and fundamentally good,
Surviving on basics and enjoying life’s beauty,
But for those, who cannot think of a life without,
Thousands of appliances, high-tech, fancy gadgetry,
Latest fashion design, performance cars, eating out,
Expensive holidays, new kitchens and all other fantasies,
Think about this, when you are dead and too far away to see,
Your life is shortened by the stress of conspicuous consumption,
Materialistic panic buying and branding by society,
What will your epitaph read … ‘Death by Consumerism?’

© Rory Matier 2011
Revised 2023

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14 thoughts on “Branded By Society

  1. I feel society is brainwashed through media and social media. With their algorithms – it is the giants that control society.

    Gone are the days when things were made with pride and care … remember when things would last when you bought something? Lol

    The reason things are not made like they used to is because of mega-monopolies, rising costs of raw materials,
    exchange rate hikes/tariffs, lack of experienced and hard workers with good work ethic, lower business standards and MORALS, and the more disposable it is – shorter life means higher profits because you will have to buy again

    There are many things at play here.

    You will see many people rack up the debt… and then you will see MANY MORE homeless

    Is all fluff anyway – you don’t need much – but society is trained to need everything! Like yesterday 😮

    2020’s gonna be some pretty deep life lessons and learning – well hopefully we learn but we see. ✌️

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha… the video is a snip-it from the movie Wall•E produced by Pixar and released by Disney.

        One of my kids LOVED that movie – is adorable movie

        Is how people ruined earth… Wall•E is a robot left on earth to clean all the garbage … Eva is a robot sent down from that Corporation to look for signs of life or signs earth could be lived on again

        Wall•E falls in love with Eva… and pursues her across the galaxy

        Is good movie 🍿 ❤️

        One of moral lessons is to take care of earth … but also how much people are followers and easily manipulated by big corporations

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It’s a very touching story – I do believe I cried little in maybe an area lol 😉

        Had a good message. 😊

        It’s produced by Pixar and released by Disney – I would consider it more Pixar than Disney … maybe Pixar with a Disney flare 😘

        It’s cute 😊 ❤️

        I also love Wall•E ❤️😘✌️

        Liked by 1 person

      3. If watching a movie – I will not let you know I cry – also don’t ask me anything cause will burst lol – just don’t look at me lol

        If you here sniffles and heavy breaths don’t look lol

        But I will always try never to let anyone see me cry – I am not always the best at concealing that but I try lol

        Once out into the light my face will be red and puffy so you will know anyway lol 🤷‍♀️

        Anything that touches heart makes me cry lol ✌️

        Liked by 1 person

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