I had a dream …

Fascinating Musings
Season 1 – Monday – 06/03/23

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.

Colin Powell

Music – Old School

When l first started with the allotment, l had a dream, a long vision of how it would look, and it was hard for me to write everything down on a checklist because the idea needed to move with a lot of flexibility. Many lists and items have been ticked off since l took Plot 17 on board last September.

I have many faults as a person l am the first to state this – we all have many – both good and bad flaws. None of us is perfect. Four of my good traits, although others close to me might class them more like annoying quirks, are my endurance, stamina, determination, and long vision.

They can also be seen as faults – yes, l can endure lots, but sometimes to my detriment as l can be like a mule or, as Suze might offer, sometimes, a donkey. I have the stamina at times like that of a team of oxen – although l would say that when combined with the determination to see something through – it is purely a case of ‘Let’s just get the damn thing done!” So once it is done, you can relax knowing it’s finished.

My determination knows minimal fault. Once l commit to something, l only walk away if l am broken or done. The long vision is the one that causes the most concern to Suze. This vision board is not committed to paper but lives inside my head where most of these storyboards live.

There was a lovely scene from the film A Knight’s Tale 2001, starring Heath Ledger and Shannon Sossamon amongst a cast of other brilliant actors, and it was A Dance From Gelderland Scene (4/10) | Movieclips, which is displayed below.

I always looked upon this as a form of something l call the long vision. Yet, others who regularly create with artful wordsmithery, such as poetry or storytellers, painters, sculptors, landscapers and gardeners and other truly arty forms and so on, might class it as long visualisation.

Painters especially looking upon a blank canvas, understand this concept. They know that it involves a lot of free flow and form. It is usually something that cannot be written about in a checklist – it is more of an expression of an artistic thought or imaginative creativity of freedom.

Unlike those writing more formal and informative content that has a start, middle and end and they have a firm path of where their content is going, others who use more of the extended visuality theory whilst they have an idea of what the result will look like find that it keeps evolving and spinning and changing. The finished product, whilst wildly different from the initial thought – more vibrant, explosively colourful and alive – is still the same as the first birth view.

The original idea or seed grows until it blossoms. Others who were privy to the initial thought might say, “Oh, the way you described how this would be, l saw differently to this?” The artist can say, “Yes, but no, this is it. This was my long vision.”

The problem with long vision is that it can take its toll on those involved. There is a lot of dedication required to see it through, and whilst l communicate what needs to be done by who and how, sometimes the result may be different to how it was first described, and yet it is still there, just different, it evolves and changes and spins and then it is done.

But it can be tiring, backbreaking, and exhausting if you can’t see the full vision another might hold. We are both tired. As Spring approaches and gets nearer, all your free time is then being redirected to the allotment – we are already at full stretch with regards to time and scheduling – the deadlines that have been set are all having to be achieved in small windows – it is just the way at times and more so when and with gardening. We are both tired and achy, and we are both eager to see the Plot 17 vision finally emerge and blossom. 

That’s not too far in the future. Thankfully, there is a lot of work still to be achieved though, and when you spend many months in preparation whilst you, as the thinker or creator of the vision board, are working towards that ultimate goal and even though you have explained the segments needing to be done to achieve success it can sometimes be hard on those who can’t see your full vision.

We are nearly there, but we still have a ways to go to fulfil the path of l had a dream.

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Earthly Comforts is a wildlife journaling scrapbook focusing on the countryside, wildlife biodiversity and environmental conservation, flora and fauna volunteering projects, gardening, composting and vermiculture, inspiration, poetry and photography.

23 thoughts on “I had a dream …

      1. I can imagine. Growing things has to be according to nature’s schedule not our convenience. But once this is done you guys will get a break.

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      2. Yes that is true – which is why the sowing and planting seasons are so time critical. There are always many obstacles that can break that – weather being the biggest one.

        This morning l was supposed to be spinning composts needed for the sowing and it’s bucketing it down which slows everything down.

        But the moister the ground is the better to plant into, so it’s always half a dozen or one and six of the other.

        Once we have started things will get easier.

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  1. Pure mule-headed stubbornness 😂😂 It has carried me through some rough times.
    I don’t think visually, and rarely plan things. I may have an outline… kinda, but I just jump in and get whatever done.
    It might look like a scattered mess to others, but I know what I’m doing.

    People who prefer things be orderly and written in stone do not like my method😂 That’s okay, cuz I don’t like theirs either😝

    Take care of yourself as best you can, JB. We push too hard sometimes.
    I’m doing okay, but Daughter is probably going back into hospital 🤪 2023 has been all about health issues so far☹️

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    1. Oh yes Paul was truly a gift, l loved watching Alan Tudyk was brilliant also, he was in a series recently called Resident Alien which is very funny. But the whole cast, Ledger, Sossamon, Bettany, Addy, Sewell, Tudyk, Purefoy and we continue were wonderfully put together – it was and is also one of my favourite films and l remember reading about Ledger’s death and being very upset at his loss.

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      1. I remember their first meeting with Chaucer and I’m convinced Alan Tudyk (an underrated actor IMO) was trying hard to keep a straight face with his entrails dialogue. The scene at the end of the credits is hysterical!!

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      2. I know exactly what you mean, l think they all had a great time making the film and yes l agree Tudyk is seriously underrated – he is just one seriously funny guy l remember seeing him as Steve the Pirate in Dodgeball as well, very funny 🙂

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      1. I agree, the case of ‘it’s there if you ever need it’, perhaps knowing it’s there as the ultimate get out jail free card like in Monopoly, we work extra hard to make sure we don’t waste it?


  2. Lol… Suze is funny

    Do you crack that whip? Lol

    Make sure you also have downtime – like your walks or destressing activities or moments ?

    Spend some time maybe having a nice dinner or chill day/night ? Relax body and soul

    Go see a movie or go bowling 🎳… enjoy a moment without it consuming all of life lol

    I think – that in a time where she needed someone … you showed her kindness and compassion and humanity, when she really needed it…

    I think for her, the way she jump in to support your vision and how hard she works next to you …

    I think that is because you show her that compassion and kindness – I only can imagine her emotions on everything…

    I think she do for you, because you did and do for her 😊❤️

    It is hard work, and very physical which is good… but you guys should take some time and just appreciate what have and what strive to have

    Have some down time or do half days here and there?

    She has been good sport working so hard right next to you … maybe a pampering day for you both together might be kinda nice lol 👏🙌

    I could be way off ?? And totally wrong?

    But you might need to enjoy some recharging once in awhile 🤷‍♀️

    I know you are excited and have drive and are incredible with the work you do!! You really get out there and get to it. You impress me very much!

    But maybe others need or would like moments of downtime from it?

    Your work is hard work – physical … and then also must have patience because will take time to see results and full vision

    Is not her dream but I really think she does for you – because you did for her 😊❤️

    But again I could be wrong – don’t forget to smell the roses too 🌹

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    1. This was a good-sized comment Trisha, and one l had to think about yesterday – and it is worthy of a longer response 🙂

      I always ensure where l can that Suze has more downtime than l do – l work differently to people – l do have seemingly pools of endurance and don’t often need a time out because l treat many of my hobbies and loves and past times as work choices.

      When l used to work, l was constantly employed in positions l could have fun in, making work enjoyable. So whilst l am tired through working outside with the volunteering, worms, compost, gardening and the allotment, it’s still a fun challenge.

      Suze also enjoys working outside, and she always has — it’s not something everyone wants for whatever reason, but Suze and l are compatible on that level because we enjoy it.

      But equally, l am aware that Suze needs more social downtime to me, so l make sure she has that.

      Usually, what frustrates me the most is the weather – it’s the one thing that slows me down. After a while, it becomes annoying because, with vegetable gardening and preparations, the gardener has strange mini-opportunity pockets of time to perform certain things. Complex core weather conditions can beset the late winter and early spring periods. Also, there is more to be done on a new allotment heading for its first season under a new gardener regime.

      I get this as much as Suze does, but because l don’t need lots of downtimes and especially not social rest, l want to plough on, but Suze gets tired and wants to crack on but is torn between social commitments, whereas l am purely torn between time obstacles.

      Suze is tired and needs time to be with her family and friends; l get that. The difference is that l prioritize differently from her as l have fewer friends and don’t need a social time out. I enjoy my own company more at times than being with others. Of course, l love spending time with Suze, but equally, l work exceptionally well, and that quiet time alone recharges me.

      The weather slows me down, like now when it is pissing it down, and l can’t do anything, but l can write content for my blog and spend more time reading or studying.

      Did Suze help me because l helped her during the time of cancer? We have always been there for each other and, above everything, have always been good friends. We work well together and make for a good team, and even now, when we are in a companionship rather than the relationship we used to share, we have always been great friends, so we will always help each other where we can.

      Yes, l did help Suze with her recovery, and she has recovered from that terrible ordeal remarkably well and is better now than she was. She has always helped me with my health problems – gut-wise.

      Your comment where you said, ‘Is not her dream, but I think she does for you – because you did for her,’ is the bit that made me stop in my tracks yesterday morning, and l asked her – Suze, what is your dream?’

      Hers is not mine directly, but indirectly we are on the same page – we know we work well together, we support each other, and she, like me, loves working outside and the gardening business is a good idea. Her frustration is mostly weather obstacles and worrying about launching the first season in the allotment.

      Still, she is worried about my physicality – my right side is problematic, Trisha, from all the hard work l am doing, and l am now wearing many support braces for my knees and elbow specifically, and old injuries are starting to become an injury on my right side – so Suze is worried about that. I have told her l will be fine, and l will be, but l have to press on as is my way. I will rest up when the preparation works are complete.

      Her dream is to have a successful business, but she needs more downtime, and l can live with that 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well I love how you both work together on this! You guys do incredible and the support for one another is admirable and impressive 😊❤️

        Is really cool you both share a dream on the same page 📄

        My right side is my bad side too!!

        Yeah I would be worried too! Don’t over do it – make sure you know your limitations

        I’m glad you both realize the downtime each other need to recharge 😊 good answer 👏

        And yes the weather is also insane here! Is pouring rain at this very moment 🤨

        Omg can we NOT have winter anymore – this is the longest fricken winter!!! I am totally over it and we have services rest of week … burials 😮

        That’s iffy with so much rain we have 😮😮

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