The Natural Catalyst

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End of World
The Natural Catalyst 

 Forever tired of this growth inside,
 Bubbling away, taking everything with a yes,
 From hidden recesses does it reside,
 Awaiting its release, and wanting to show its distress!
Ticking aways like an unexploded bomb,
 Always answering you with a yes,
 Seething as it does yet remaining aplomb,
 … and boiling over with its aggressive caress!

And what happens when l will finally blow,
 Will it come as the shock expected,
 Did you not see it coming? Did you not see this grow
Honestly, did you not know how infected,
l had become, by all that is around,
 Always answering you all with a yes,
 How did you miss this gaping wound?
 It may be quiet, but build it does nonetheless!
 Damaging constructions chipping away deep,
 Within the delicate intricacies of the darkening,
 Of the angry mind, nearing the time of the peak!
 … and planning an escape after a millenia of plotting!
Burst out it will and release a pent-up carnage,
 Upon all those who pass pointless judgement,
 Without the proper knowledge!
 For soon l arrive, and l will be pungent!
 Extreme prejudice will be the way to success,
 Delivered in an execution-styled manner,
 Intellectual brutal raping and duress,
 Of those guilty as sin and who must answer,
To the questions posed as to why,
 Why do they believe they own people’s minds,
 And why do they think they have the right to slavery,
 Why, why, they wish to keep this alive?
 Collateral damage will be mine to deliver,
 To the unwary and unknowing souls,
 Bad karma this way comes to that l will disfigure,
 Playing Devil’s advocate to your blackest hole,
Abusing you as you have done unto me,
 Years of savage accusation have you pledged,
 Now l rise again to steal your identity,
 My path of conquest is now fully fledged!
 Thinking you are oh so very clever,
 Avoiding the outcome of my awakening,
 Escaping not have you for now l endeavour,
 To end your days with the destruction l bring!
For you have thought me so evil and vile,
 Yet with all l see below,
 It triggered me to demonize your profiles!
 l will burn you all hard till you are aglow!
So long now, have l watched and waited,
 Exploring your worlds of ancient technology,
 Teasing you all with the trickery that l have baited,

Never content to just let things be
You fall victim to your greed and lust,
 Cherishing not what is around you in abundance,
 Tearing apart and leaving to rust,
 Away, squandering for the sake of advance,
Yet l have watched and laughed and smiled,
 Knowing my time is nearing,
 When l may rise again and defile,
 Your stupidity and non-seeing,
Eyes, with which you have kept blind,
 To the likes of myself and the dourest misery,
 For l am coming to obliterate your kind,
 So you continue to be you, and l, l will unleash my lethality!

© Rory Matier 2010
Reworked 2023

If you would like to have a poem of yours published to the The Country Life Style Diary series or indeed wish to share your photography please feel free to email me at with Art for Poetry in the title. If you have imagery you wish to have used with the poetry then attach that to the email also.

Published by The Autistic Composter

Earthly Comforts is a wildlife journaling scrapbook focusing on the countryside, wildlife biodiversity and environmental conservation, flora and fauna volunteering projects, gardening, composting and vermiculture, inspiration, poetry and photography.

4 thoughts on “The Natural Catalyst

  1. Well that is an interesting poem 😳

    Well… I’ve been hurt too. But I rise… thought could crush me and didn’t

    Some are just evil – learn a lesson and then they aren’t worth your time and then look who you have become – I think that is the best vengeance – look what they lost

    Life will handle

    I am so happy to be away from mine ❤️ so may he rot in hell … I don’t have to do that for him – he will rot all on his own

    Not worth a thought in my mind – not a man, not a human, just evil

    I want nothing to do with that – and no way would I let his evil seep into who “I” am

    I also do not care if I am judged – I care because no one wants to be judged – and people don’t know truths when they judge

    I am not afraid… go ahead judge me. Whatever

    I have amazing people surrounding me and with me always! Supportive and incredible people … so what I care what strangers wanna think? Oh well

    Why you take the time to know someone

    Some are evil – and some are amazing

    Evil is as evil does … the lessons you had help you see the evil earlier 😉😘✌️

    Life teaches

    Do not let the negativity and hurt from another bring your own spirit down…

    And I think you turned out pretty amazing 🙌 check your shit out – that’s pretty bad ass

    Look what you create 😊✌️

    Evil wishes it be so important to infect your mind

    Everyone has a cross to bare … but don’t let evil infect – don’t let them take your soul!

    Also – social media is evil… so be careful there too! ✌️

    When that is absent from your world – your world blooms ❤️ and then you untouchable ❤️ Woo hoo

    It is really quite amazing

    You should try for that one week in March ✌️😘 it would be this next coming week when the shut down happened

    Once you silence all the stupid chatter – omg life so beautiful and amazing ❤️

    Today when I showered – I put the news on while I shower sometimes to time myself by the commercials lol 😄✌️

    Anyway …

    Do you know what was on my news? Something about ice cubes being a thing right now🙄🤨

    And they said that ice cubes 🧊 are an American thing and when people from other countries order drinks – they will sometimes say “American Style” and that means with ice?

    And some people are charging absorbingly HIGH prices for ice? And some out for ice perfection? Wtf?

    Why the F is that on the news … who fricken cares ??? Seriously ? Can I have some actual news ??

    I do believe I became a little dumber with that story??? What????

    The dumbing down of society – cmon – there is a war going on … next year is a presidential political year for us… and I swear to god DO NOT PUT TRUMP BACK!!

    We have homeless issues in cities across America, we have gun violence, mental health issues, weather, racism, get your laws off my body, … I can go on and on with things and problems that are actual news – things we should be fixing

    Is the world seriously obsessed with ice right now ? What kinda story is that for the news??

    See where media will lead people

    So that is my news 🤨 I have been away from everything since July 9th 2019… I joined WordPress on 11/11/2019 – and that’s all I have

    I have not opened any other social media or social influence thing

    So I do not follow the crowd – the crowd seems little disoriented ??

    There is just a freedom and peace away from it

    I like it without

    Someone asked me for my Facebook the other day … lol … I say well I do not go on there – I do not touch it.

    Then people always ask for whatever other ones there are … instagram and snap whatever – there are so many!!

    I really can’t handle the world in that area – so I just stay away and do my own thing.

    Everyone is always shocked by that – but whatever

    I find way more peace without ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Trisha, this is mostly about Mother Nature taking a stand.

      I hadn’t heard the thing about ice, but then l haven’t really been out and about to even see that. I went out for a meal last week and ordered a pint of soda and lime and it came with ice.

      But l did love this line … I do believe I became a little dumber with that story??? What???? Dang girl that did make me laugh 🙂

      I have FBook, but l currently use it for selling only, l don’t bother with socialising anymore, l used it originally back in 2009, but now l literally only have a handful of real friends, but l don’t go out socialising. I have a couple of friends but mostly associates at Gazen Salts, l know a few people to stop and have a chat with and that’s about it.

      There is of course Edward my neighbour and my neighbours across the road, but none of us ‘socialise’.

      There is the potential for a friend though with one of the chaps from Gazen Salts.

      But l do totally agree with you – when you are absent from the world, your life gets better 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well Mother Nature has a fury 😮

        Designer Ice 🤨🙄😑 oMg!! See???

        Well that’s good to know, so you DONT drink warm drinks lol

        How you feel after reading that article? Lol – this is what make the news

        Yeah a lot of my friends are funeral people but I also have people who there for me who I met before funerals – like my old landlord, my catholic friends, the ones I took care of, etc

        2 of my best friends are funeral people ❤️✌️

        Sometimes I will ask my oldest – like the other night when I asked him to come with me… hey how would YOU like to come hang out with funeral people and city counsel? 😄😄

        He was like … is that supposed to be enticing? Lol

        Well I just think social media highly dangerous and bad for all these young minds 😮


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