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Welcome you to EWWW Quick Tips – that’s Earthen Wurmin’s Worm’s World to the unknowing – it’s a term l hear a lot from people when they first meet the worms and the compost and the compost worms “Ewww!”

So l figured, well, why not capitalise on that!

The quick tips series covers composting, gardening, hacks and other bits and bots too!

Earthen Wurmin and The Autistic Composter

Ewww Quick Tips Episode 14#
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Gardening Tips

A Mulching We Will Go

Mulching the top of your containers, garden beds, raised beds, or even plant pots is an excellent way to retain soil moisture. It also works wonders to act as a weed preventer.

Weeds compete for the moisture in your soils and usually win the day due to their adaptability and hardiness. So the role of any gardener is to try and ‘prevent’ that from happening. If there are no or minimal weeds in your garden, then your plants, fruits, flowers, vegetables or herbs are not losing much-needed nourishments.

In addition to specific mulching agents, you could also use rough compost or rotted down bark chippings as a mulcher, and as this breaks down, it will also leech out valuable nutrients to the soils, microbes and, of course, the plants themselves.

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