Pockets of If

Music – Sentiment-of-Hope

Pockets of If

I used to believe in people,
more than l do today,
there was even a time when l admired

Not any more,
For sure.

Come what may,
my time of trust
is lost and broken.
I see through eyes that are now,
to those who once l looked upon,

I am oft astonished,
these days,
not just today or tomorrow,
but that yesterday, we seemingly were brighter than
we are now.

Life passes by our windows,
by us
we allow it too
there’s always something better
to do!

What though,
oh, l don’t
just something
better than now
better than nothing.

I used to be in the mood,
for more
not now,
no more
not today.
just no longer
the way
l do.

If it was easier
less mess
more ease,
the squeeze
l probably would.

I watch and observe,
those on the outside,
scurrying around like ants
with their thoughts
observations and opinions,
taking chances
no different to me,
all of us within
being one.

I think,
about the what-ifs,
the perhaps and maybes
the should l have done this,
or that more often than l did,


No regrets, just thoughts,
always pockets of thoughts.
We all think and blink,
… and ponder and wonder,
About the yesterdays of us.

Rory Matier © 2023

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Published by The Autistic Composter

Earthly Comforts is a wildlife journaling scrapbook focusing on the countryside, wildlife biodiversity and environmental conservation, flora and fauna volunteering projects, gardening, composting and vermiculture, inspiration, poetry and photography.

22 thoughts on “Pockets of If

  1. Well for you and me there was nostalgic times – that seemed simpler – more kind – more ?? I don’t know?

    But it wasn’t for everyone… some are better now

    The world has always had humanity issues, it’s always had its share of crazy problems, and it’s never been totally accepting – it can be brutal in any era

    It just cycles through around and around – but same thing

    There were murders or bad/evil people always

    But there are also … good decent people

    Everything is a balance always – and we remember life before technology which infected everyone globally

    Mental health is huge issue now due to social media!

    And parents sometimes allow the internet to babysit… so that child grows up learning from the internet

    My children do not know life without technology – only my first born in 1994 knows that cusp between before technology and after – but he was young when it grew – it grew with him

    That is what they know- how life has been … they can’t imagine what was like before

    If you do genealogy – you see things were different but also the same

    Only different in era and issues of the day

    I remember as a little girl watching the Jetsons – George Jetson, Jane his wife lol

    Was a cartoon and they lived in future society where all these gadgets and things made their life easy and better

    I used to think how great that will be when comes / I could not wait for a sky car lol… it will be sooo much better then… but is it? Lol

    Things may seem better for way we view – but that is not always true


    Don’t lose hope on people – you just have to be who you are and your people will come to you ❤️

    Also maybe take a break from social media? Do not let negative infect you ✌️

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