Echoing Footsteps

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Echoing Footsteps
 Recently, l have found myself,
 Sitting in darkened echoes,
 Of the distant shores of my mind’s shelf,
 Looking back, reflectively mellow,
 Upon life’s footsteps,

 Like sands caught in a shoe,
 Traces of time’s receding ebbs,
 Lost in thought, true.

 Walked have l the path,
 Of chosen destiny as foretold,
 By birth rights within faith,
 And has my fate become unfold,
 Is my soul now caught in time,
 As l drift into subconscious journeys,
 Through the intricacies of this mind,
 Created emotionally …
 By following the steps before,
 Walked by those who were me,
 Yet not, but were inner core,
 Of who l have now come to be.

 Can l say hand on my beating heart,
 That l have done my best,
 Lived my life as was intended,
 … from the start,
 From my dawn of blest?
 And what have l done,
 That l am to be so very proud,
 Of …
 That makes me stand tall in my mind,
 With learned knowledge in my short time?
 Am not saddened by it all,
 Relieved to have been the man,
 That l am …
 … and not the one before me,
 To have walked in my own time of now,
 And not in the footsteps of Echo,
 Is this not what we can but hope for?
 To have lived our lives the way we choose,
 And not mimic those from afore our time,
 Making mistakes similar to the paths of yesterday.

 Walked have l on my own two feet,
 And not in echoing footsteps,
 Tomorrow is mine …
 … whilst yesterday was yours.

Rory Matier © 2013

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9 thoughts on “Echoing Footsteps

  1. Beautifully said Rory. Life is a progressive journey where we gradually evolve and emerge as the person we want to be. And we should be duly proud of our achievements.

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    1. Hey Sadje, indeed we should l think we are at times too quick to forget our achievements no matter how large or small they are. We tend to only remember the bigger ones and yet almost weekly we have many many more smaller ones just as impactful on our lives.

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