A Writers Look At Winter

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Music – Nostalgia

Winters’ Breath

Starting as it does, misted windows, still air,
Letting me know slowly quickening winter is there,
Feeling damp within warmed sheets, so clammy,
White outside, gloomy again, no blue sky!
Sluggishly shifting my aching body from rest,
Already tensing, ready for the daily stress!
Chilled embrace touching me to the very core,
As soon as my feet touch the thawing floor,

Naked days of strolling through to coffee,
Long gone now, as robe covers shoulders to knee,
Windows complaining at being oblique,
Condensation preventing me from a morning peak,
Unknowing of what now lays in glaring store,
Gifted to me from mother from the night before,
Stark and brisk relief as burning liquid,
Awakens me, undoing what the sleep did!

Coldness seeping into my weary soul,
Shivering for a few seconds without control,
Like death has just danced upon my grave,
Reminding me that l am now a winter slave!
Showering, is only a deep felt bliss,
When the water has achieved its heated kiss,
Savouring the blasting scorching onto frozen skin,
Devouring it like lovers making love in sin!

Drying quickly before l start to freeze,
Swift sharp moves creating their own breeze,
Dressing is now an acquired art in itself,
Failure to achieve and you are an ice shelf!
Not easy attiring in three layers so damn fast!
In doing so however, my day will not be harassed,
By tiny pockets of gathered damp winds,
Whose wicked intentions are constantly biting in!

Finally boots on, and door opened, l am aghast!
Cutting winds tear into my face full blast!
Whisperings of ice and snow flake across bare skin,
Visibility through this torrent already slim,
Day is already threatening the wrenching hardships,
Trudging through last nights’ fall, heartbeats skip,
My chest tightens as it contracts with the chill,
‘Oh Joy’ is all can think, today is all uphill!

Working with stables and horses in the frozen fens,
In blistering cold winds, snow and ice again,
Not something missed during the summer climes,
But those months have passed for now its winter time!
For now we have rain, snow, ice and sludge,
All the niceties of the weather that create ones’ grudge!
Six months before l see the end of this cold death,
Miserable weather indeed is winters’ kiss, winters’ breath!

Rory Matier © 2011

Winters’ Draw
‘Tis here, long gone now is the suns’ heated warming,
For wintry cold breath is present in the mornings,
Shivering is but a sensation of the here and now, 
Not for months, will we again wipe our sweated brows,
Free of summers’ glistening hard earned stain, 
Now we have to suffer the brittle frosty pains,
Of cold winds and freezing damp bitterness,
Interrupted only briefly by the winters’ sunny caress,
Blistering frozen rains falling each and every day,
Upon once hardened fields that gladly gave up their hay,
Barren wastelands we will now easily become,
Dying colours fading away from the summer long gone,
Over casting miserably grey skies constant within our views,
Replacing the laziness of the easier summer hues,
A stark nakedness of our lands, now feeling the wrath,
Of natures’ cruelly freezing winters’ drawing path!

Rory Matier © 2012

Winter’s Soul
Another winter approaches yet again,
Stark, bleak, cold and mundane,
Summer skies resting till spring,
Hibernating whilst cold times are lingering,
Rain, frosts and snow a lurking,
Waiting for end year merging,
Resting till autumn declines,
Her hold upon crumbling time,
Season approaches gently at first,
Biding time before delivering the curse,
Teasing us with mere drifters,
Snowflakes tenderly whispering,
Grey skies tinged with pink,
Laughter above awarding us the wink!
Winter’s days like these have been,
Before, prickling upon our warmed skin,
Sad but bitterly cold breeze,
Knowingly aware and ill at ease,
Warning us of the late night silence,
And awaking to whitened ground menace,
Blankets of freezing nature lie in wait,
Fresh dawn unspoiled snow always great!
But only for those still warm within,
Unlike others who must trudge this sin,
Feeling the sharpest of pulls upon the chest,
Warm air escaping out through our breath!
Intakes of the coldest ice sprinkles,
Turning insides to easy snap brittle,
Am not fond of mothers’ harsh control,
Upon my weary and tired soul,
With spring we see her warming smile,
Summer, she displays her sense of guile,
Autumn, we know she is far from tiring,
But it is winter she is most admiring!
For she is in her best of elements now,
Wanting us to see all she truly can bestow!

Rory Matier © 2013

Published by The Autistic Composter

Earthly Comforts is a wildlife journaling scrapbook focusing on the countryside, wildlife biodiversity and environmental conservation, flora and fauna volunteering projects, gardening, composting and vermiculture, inspiration, poetry and photography.

22 thoughts on “A Writers Look At Winter

      1. Yes, you’ve shared this point of view and I fully agree that it looks good on the inside but if one has to bear the brunt of the weather conditions without the amenities, it’s so tough.

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  1. I come from the land of having Nor’Easters 😝😝 and bone chilling cold, that I swear can freeze your eyeballs and your snot lol ✌️ yes yes it can!! 😝😝

    I do not like winter – unless maybe if I was in Hawaii – then maybe I would like it? Lol ✌️

    I can have snow if I want it – is short drive – I have mountains 🏔️

    Sometimes people here like winter lol …it shows you who are the Californians and who are the transplants from snowy areas 😄😄

    I do not like much about winter due to depressing & damaging weather 😝 I would rather hibernate 🐻

    Do you have rains again?

    Well spring should be coming for you soon cause been amazing here lately – just perfect 👏… it’s coming – I will send your way!! 🙌

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Don’t worry – is coming … you probably finishing the last of what we got hit with – then be beautiful

        Goes across country and heads your way lol

        Just the Atlantic pics up alot of atmosphere – on its way too you lol ✌️

        We get it off the pacific

        Lol … roosters … the country people have a word for city people – I forget what they call them … but in country you know the roads and what you can do on them … city people go like 5 mph on country roads 🤨… country people go way way faster zipping around

        I wish I could remember what was called! I’ll ask someone and tell you later lol

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I think most countries country people have a word for city folk.

        Here we call them roosters. They want the countryside and YET complain about everything in it – from the noise of cockerels, to foxes calling to the smell of cows in their fields …. right proper roosters!


        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yes and vice versa lol

        So I am so close to San Francisco – and San Francisco’s prices are insane and now with people working remotely etc…

        We have MANY San Francisco people moving into Sacramento and surrounding areas

        Sacramento does better financially than San Fran, and San Fran has so many regulations on this and that and very high prices – like so high the sticker shock alone kills you!! 😮

        They come this way to avoid such high prices but if work remote they still get that massive salary – and here people commute anyway – a 2 hour drive is nothing to some – especially if the money is right

        And my area has much construction with new homes and neighborhoods

        Sacramento and San Fran have HORRIFIC homeless problems and no idea how to fix 🤨🙄 I’m not sure if they even TRY to solve this or just let it occur?? Crime rates are high in big city also

        So they all flock to the country and want that peace – plus cost of living way way way cheaper in my area compared to anything in Bay Area 😮😮 … but what happens is…

        Clash of the titans lol … with liberals from city and conservatives in country 😮

        And they taking away country side to no longer be countryside when keep building

        And ?? I don’t know if it is only California or if it is all over my nation?? BUT all these neighborhoods and strip malls etc … everything looks the same 😮😮 good luck finding your house lol … or not thinking you are severely directionally challenged lol

        We have cows and a dump lol … I am not close enough to the the dump to smell it – but there are neighborhoods over there 😮 summer is a fun time for them lol – they do complain but that is just how it is – what you gonna do if you willingly live there? It was there first

        I have a few funeral homes in city – that are in neighborhoods 😄 I laugh because those neighbors will complain about seeing caskets ⚰️

        Ok listen – know where you buy or rent before you do that – or just accept what you pick – nothing ever perfect

        Sometimes we do military honors and if is for cremation – they will do at funeral home … Is a gun salute using blanks – with flag and everything – I have to call the police and notify we are doing that so there are no shots fired calls and I don’t end up on the news lol ✌️😳

        But ya know I would not buy a house near a school or a church … NO THANK YOU! Country or city – nope 👎 hell no!!

        I don’t live VERY far from one of the high schools but it is within walking distance … maybe same distance I am from work… every Friday night I can hear the football 🏈 games 🙄 is sooooo loud!!

        And I live somewhat near railroad tracks 🛤️ and we have recently had people try to beat the train over the tracks – that went badly… it’s a thing 🤨 and we have the arms that come down and they still do it!!!

        So when the train comes through my area, which is a lot… they blow their horn all the way through town!! Just constant – we have numerous roads that cross those tracks 🙄 so they have to blow that horn all the way through town lol

        I don’t really notice cause I am used to it lol … I hear it but whatever – is just there – part of the background noise every so often

        My FH is literally RIGHT NEXT to TRACKS 😳😳😮😮

        So if I am taking a intake call – and that train goes by – it is awful … then I NOTICE!! Omg

        And you outside – it’s REALLY LOUD

        But ya know – I like my little town … ❤️ … but so many moving in – becoming not so little anymore

        And clashes between liberal and conservative – and more people = homeless and crime

        So ya know 🤷‍♀️

        I don’t mind the cows – is not overly bad and only for moments here or there depending on wind lol ✌️usually not a problem for where I live

        My problems would be noise of train and high school – I also hear announcements and things if their PA system is blaring lol … you can only hear if outside in the yard – unless is a football 🏈 game – then you hear lol

        But oh well – I am ace at selective hearing 🙌👏 also aging and don’t always listen anyway ✌️ so does not bother me – rest of the time birds are chirping and there is silence other than that … sometimes someone drives by but otherwise quiet 😊 very serene where my house is – other than those things – I am not close enough for parent traffic from school (which is the worst of the worst of traffic – omg give me busses for the love of god!!)

        There is just a difference and a divide between city/country

        Also your neighbor is right on top of you with these new houses they build – when you open your windows – there are your neighbors lol

        So everything looks same – no character … and you right on top of neighbor!!

        I bought older house so has character and I have close neighbors – but also privacy 😊❤️ plus I have really awesome neighbors ❤️


        It is people who destroy that peace not the environment 😮😮 I suppose they are nature as well 😄

        But yeah

        Sign of the times ☮️

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Sign of the times is spot on Trisha.

        Dang that train would do my nut in. BUT, that’s because l am now used to country living, Sandwich is busy but is still a rural’ish town.

        We have train tracks and roads like you do, but we have traffic crossings, so only hear the horn occasionally.

        Some of the new builds are like yours same same same and way tooooooo close together!

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Oh I am rural town … is train on old mining route used usually for transporting materials – such as wood, oil and whatever else

        Union Pacific ✌️😘 old west

        Am rural but at pace they building will soon be suburb 😮

        Liked by 1 person

      6. As is the case here in UK already. Small towns and commercial development starts to join bigger towns together.

        When l lived with my parents as a teenager back in the eighties l lived in Woking in Surrey which whilst big at the time wasn’t massive like it is today. It was only 27 minutes from London by the train. Still same time, but the town itself has increased ten fold in size due to development.

        Liked by 1 person

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