Nature Diary

Gazen Salts Cricket Ground and the sun rising over the river on the horizon

September, when the tiredness truly began.

Tulips – St Mary’s Church

Sunrise on the River Stour

Music – New Day

It’s Thursday morning, and l started this post just after nine am. I have another busy day planned. The weather is sunny, and it’s been sunny and warm for the better part of eight days now. The forecasters talk of thunderstorms tomorrow, but the weather is good again for the King’s Coronation on Saturday 6th.

It’s another Bank Holiday weekend as well. Last week was one, and there is another at the end of the month to boot. The coronation does not phase me, although Suze wants to watch it with her cousin. I am, l suppose, anti-monarchy and have been since 1977, but l am not a staunch protester. It’s more of an opinion for me.

But Suze is a monarchist, or she likes the ceremony’s pomp. There is a certain amount of irony with our allotment and the monarchy, and that is on September 9th 2022, when we took it on board, the Queen had died the previous day on the 8th.

This morning was quite rare for me. I was awake at 3.27 as l was also experiencing a lot of shoulder pain – which initially woke me – because of all the digging l did yesterday and all the other physical exertions l have pushed my body through this week. So l found myself awake from half three this morning onwards, and after trying to get back to sleep unsuccessfully for nearly an hour, l lay in bed awake reading the news on my iPad for another hour and then got up just before half five.

I had a shower and decided to take an early morning walk. This is the first walk l have had in about six weeks. It’s the first walk l have had by myself in about a year, and it’s the first very early morning walk l have had since September 7th 2022.

My walk was in Gazen Salts because yesterday, when working in the reserve with the chippings, l realised l had not even taken a good walkaround for months; ironically, the last time l took a complete walk in the reserve was last September in the first week. I have been involved in other projects like the Nissan Hut or the Wildlife Garden, which l want to write about when l have the time.

But currently, l need more free time. Other parts of a busy life occupy it.

Usually, l would write my morning posts in blocks over the previous weekend, but because of the improved weather, l have been busy at the allotment or gardening, and l have yet to manage to create this week’s posts in blocks. Still, l am outstanding on Friday, Saturday and Sunday’s posts this week. This morning’s Gardener’s Greeting post was completed last night just before bed at 9 pm. I am shattered all the time now.

Don’t get me wrong, l am tired in a good way, and l have no regrets for taking any of the projects on board that l have undertaken. I knew this year would be challenging. But still, my body aint as young as it once was, and l keep having to remind myself l turn sixty this month, which isn’t old. But when you push yourself the way l am physical, like l was at forty, it starts to feel old quickly.

The hardest part of the work down on the plot is the groundwork. The earth down there is clay; for the better claim, surface work is like digging through rock.

Yesterday from two in the afternoon to half-six, l was digging and shovelling hardened lumps of clay, which taxes your body in all sorts of places.

This morning l have a breather as Suze is working on the home companion business from nine to ten. From half-ten to about half one, we will be in the client’s garden, and then from half two to half six, we are down at the allotment. It’ll be a long day for me by the time l crash and burn for the night.

Tomorrow morning at ten l have a marketing meeting regarding Gazen Salts, because l am now in charge of a small team of other volunteers as we are called now, but l have ideas and plans to change all that. So as said, l have lots and lots to write about. But l only have a little free time. The way things are looking, it might be like this for weeks, at least, until we can manage to get the seedlings planted in the raised beds.

We have three hundred right across the range, never mind the herbs, the trees or the fruit bushes already down in situ awaiting their turn to be planted. Hopefully, this coming Sunday, Suze and l will be able to start on the anchor plates for the polytunnel, as that is a strict requirement for us now.

The Willow Transition period is almost finalised, an operation that began in September. Everything started in September. Certainly, tiredness did.

I shouldn’t grumble … l have managed to get two-afternoon posts published this week! Despite being shattered! Still, three-morning posts to create, but woot woot, two afternoons as well!

Anyway, just a few photos from this morning’s first Nature Diary since March. I hope you enjoy them, and thanks for reading.

Same tree, just an hour later.

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11 thoughts on “Nature Diary

    1. Hey Sadje,

      I think there are many issues we have to contend with that’ll make us tireder. New plot, allotments not walking distance, large plot and the distance from the main gate when carting stuff, plus the clay like soil. It’s fun, but you have short windows especially when the weather in unpredictable like it is now and that means more has to be done in shorter windows.

      But l would rather be busy than not 🙂

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    1. Hey Diana, and that is just it – when you are working on something you enjoy, sure there will be times when it is hard and challenging but that makes up for the fun as well.

      I love writing, but have to prioritise other more pressing agents, like you with working, l also have to look at the gfardening business first, allotment second and writing third 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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