Numbers are funny haha!

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Season 1 – Tuesday – 16/05/23

With age comes skills, it’s called “multi-tasking”. Now you can laugh, cough, sneeze, fart, and pee all at the same time!

Music – Old School

Numbers are funny.


I turned sixty on Monday, just gone; l don’t tend to promote it; some of my closest friends know about it; some remember because they do as it is in their nature, and many others do not because l don’t remind them.

It’s just another day for me. Sure, don’t get me wrong, it is nice to be thought of and remembered and receive goodwill and wishes, but it’s just another day to me literally and one of a bit of confusion – l have always been baffled as to how we are carried for nine months and come out fully formed babies. Yet, we arrive at nought age?

This snippet of information isn’t looking to cause any controversy from any lobbying group for this or that. It’s just me talking about how l am supposedly sixty years of age on the 15th of May, and yet what are those pre-birth nine months all about?

Indeed, l am sixty-and-nine months. Meaning l turned sixty last year, so l am now closer to 61 than l am sixty. At this rate, it makes more sense why l feel so old at times!

Don’t bother with your science and techwizardry, l know the facts, but it is just why l guess l need to be less bothered by being sixty. It happened already, and no one saw it.

Age doesn’t bother me. It never has. Many things don’t bother me like they do other folks. It’s just a number. It’s a nice round number like thirty, forty and fifty, or twenty and ten, but ten isn’t called tenty, but maybe it should be.

My body, however, whilst accepting l am now of the sixty and sixty-one bracket, feels more like, at times, closer to seventy and seventy-one, or you get the gist with the eighties and so on. But how am l supposed to know what seventy is likely to feel like as l have yet to achieve that or seventy-one? But l know what sixty feels like because l turned sixty last year. Sixty felt better last year than the sixty-one l am now. Sixty felt better than the sixty-and-nine months l am now because l should be turning sixty-one in three months.

Yeah, right? Welcome to my world. I have an older, ageing body and a young mind that can sometimes play havoc with me.

But l got some great gifts and some terrific memories – Suze got me a pair of binoculars for bird watching, and her cousin and partner got me a wickedly cool spiky hoe, which you will surely see and read about in some of my future posts.

I also bought myself a sixty and nine-month gift, and this one forces me into the world of digital communications! Yeah, l went ahead and bought a Smartphone! I didn’t want to. A phone is just a phone to me, and my baby is really my desktop, but with a fifty-inch screen, it can make mobility much harder!

I know the old doctrine of size isn’t everything; it’s what you do with it, but l have a good size, and l do know what to do with it, and l do it well. But, there are restricted limitations as to what you can do with it when out and about, and it’s different from how it can easily fit into my denim. Many things can fit into my jeans, but not a desktop.

Suze and countless others have become frustrated because of my lack of digital communication. I have/had an old Nokia phone. But the start-up bit of music sounded like a robot dying because the model was purchased during the fifty and fifty-one stage of my life, and no phone should be expected to live that long, and mine started to die. PLUS, l left it in the house, so what was the point of having it anyway?

I have an iPad in the house, but it is not a phone; although l could do FaceTime, it is mainly for surfing or watching films. I also have a camera, so l don’t need a phone with a better lens than that, and yet the phone l have bought is NOT a new model l add, but older Smartypants will still probably have more lens than the Canon.

The phone l got, which is to be mainly for Earthly Comforts the business, is an iPhone SE (2020) 64 GB – Black, but don’t ask me more than that because l don’t know. It’s just a phone that is smarter than the Nokia and newer.

I will receive endless tutorials from Suze and friends on what it can and cannot do. I still annoy them by saying it’s just a bloody phone. Suze tells me l must have it on me all the time, and already there are suggestions for joining various groups. But why do l want to receive countless beeps and bongs daily? Notifications are the bane of society, but if just for business, it is a must-have.

It took me two years after buying my Mini iPad to start using that, and it fast became almost a Linus blanket for me, and it is a nice bit of kit. So by 2025, l will start using the phone, at which point l will be whatever TY age l will be – be this sixty-three or sixty-four or three and nine months plus sixty.

I had a good day yesterday despite not feeling 100%. I have caught a bug currently doing the rounds; Suze had it last week and still has it, and now l have it, and l feel rough, never mind pretty, l don’t feel pretty at all. Unless feeling pretty shitty is a thing! On top of that, Mother Nature, who is always a funny beast, has made this week sunny and last week, despite wearing protective goggles, my eye allergy sparked up, and l have a significant eye flare-up!

I went to the chemist yesterday, and despite [yes, despite is my favourite word today] me explaining in intricate detail what the problem was, they gave me eyedrops! Bloody hell, my eyeballs are acceptable. It’s around the eye. It is atopic dermatitis of the eyes, but they were convinced that dropping drops into my eyeballs would cure everything; just another example of people not listening.

So l made an appointment to see the doctor yesterday, and guess what? Yep, I can only see one on the 19th of June! Sheesh! Good job l am not dying. My eyes are pretty damn painful, and my vision is blurred. It’s better today on this beautifully cracking day when l should be down at the allotment, but the work l have to do requires working with the one thing that causes me the irritation – compost and soil chores.

So l am taking some time out and finding myself at home. Well, at least l can catch up with blogging and bits [sounds like a good site name in truth], but l can write and create more post-dated blog content.

We have two new gardening clients. We saw them yesterday morning. Well, we saw one, the other is connected to that, and l will give them a call later today, and we also have a gardening contract requiring plant detail attention for a property in Dover l wrote about last week. Plus, l have some bits and bots to do in the Willow Garden here, mostly bokashi work.

As l was writing this post, the case arrived for my phone. The phone is due to arrive later, well l hope so, otherwise all we bought was a phone case!


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Earthly Comforts is a wildlife journaling scrapbook focusing on the countryside, wildlife biodiversity and environmental conservation, flora and fauna volunteering projects, gardening, composting and vermiculture, inspiration, poetry and photography.

23 thoughts on “Numbers are funny haha!

  1. Happy Birthday! Blessings abound as you head into this next chapter of your fascinating life.
    All the best to you and your new phone. I’m impressed you’ve gone this long, but I understand the frustration of those around you.
    I hope those eyes heal quickly! We both know it will be long before that appointment.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Suzette, yes l have also heard they are quite good. It’s arrived now and Suze is working through the apps that should be suitable, the camera is supposedly good as well, but l love my trusted Canon so l will stick with it 🙂

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  2. A very happy birthday dear Friend. Sixty is a big deal. At least it was for me when I turned 60 November 2021! Smart phone is a smart move. You can check the weather forecast on it. Hope you enjoy it. And I do hope your eyes get better. I’d suggest a steroid eye ointment to be applied around the eyes. Bug I don’t know if it’s available over the counter. Take care. 🌟🎉🎁👑🎂

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    1. Hey Sadje – thank you, l think the doctor will prescribe it as that is the only way to attain it. I went to another chemist today and they actually listened to me and were astonished at the eye drops the other chemist offered and have given me a gel which will be kinder to my eyelids and provide more relief till l can see the doctor in June.

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  3. Congratulations on making it to tour 60’s. It surprised me how good it felt when I turned 60. For some reason, I felt like it was an accomplishment to survive. Remembering and reflecting on the 60 years made me feel good. I was not expecting that reaction.

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  4. Happy Birthday Rory ❤️ I’m sorry I didn’t realize 👏 🎂 🥳

    I hope your day was amazing and you enjoyed the day ❤️🙏

    I don’t think birthdays are just another day … technically they are – but like with everything are what you make it.

    I celebrate mine differently than I used to….

    It used to be friends and family and party/BBQ or all together with something ❤️

    Now is more subdued – just different … will have my kids around, and celebrate with them and just relax …

    I also love the fireworks all around my birthday – that is an added bonus ❤️👏 I used to tell the kids they were for me 😄😄😄 the boys bought it without questioning lol – the girl questioned me about every detail lol – my skeptic lol

    But your birthday IS very special day – the day you came to life in the world 👏 🎊

    That is very funny that you count the 9 months in the womb lol

    I do too 😄😄 but still keep my coming out into the world as my bday

    Happy Birthday 🎈🎁🎂🎉 I hope you had a wonderful day ❤️👏😘🥳 (even if wasn’t feeling greatest) even just self care for ourselves can be present 🎁

    And … lol … you do know 60 is still young right?? Even 61… when you are 80 or above and tell me you are old, then I won’t say anything lol ✌️

    But 60 still very young 👏

    But I do understand what you say with how old your body is sometimes feeling… I have same and I am what? 9 years behind you?

    You WILL LOVE your new phone 📱 … welcome to smart phone technology – you will get sucked in with some features lol

    Can be very nice at a moments notice to have world at fingers

    I use my phone for literally everything (mostly work) but also friends and family

    Hope you enjoy it 👏👏📱❤️ give yourself time to learn it coming off a Nokia lol

    Funny how phones can date the time period

    One of my elderly friends just had a land line put in her house …

    One day I called and she didn’t answer so I left a vc mail message

    Well … maybe week later she gets the vc mail because she has to learn how to use a landline again 😄😄

    I find that little humorous lol – is what we grew up with and now there is a relearning curve lol 😄😄✌️

    Happy Birthday Rory 🎈👏🎂🎁❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Trisha 🙂

      Many thanks for the good wishes.

      Yes l had a good day and had a lovely lunch with friends and Suze.

      A few days on and my eyes are now starting to heal after a second visit to a better chemist who listened to me properly and awarded me a gel that heals and protects my eyes when working. I still have this flu cough, but it’s getting better too, ironically l twisted my lower lumbar yesterday moving wood of all things! Hahaha got to laugh if it’s not one thing it is three.

      I am very old school and use a landline and a desktop, some of my friends refer to me as an a digital anomaly hahaha.

      I will eventually get used to it, but must go through the apps as the phone is a refurbished model and had too many for me. I like my mobiles to be simple affairs – because in truth l hare being disturbed when l am out and about – but for the business it’s absolutely essential 🙂

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      1. Glad to hear you had a nice birthday 🥳

        The lady, who used to be a family I serve but now my friend… the one who went in hospital… she almost died. She had pneumonia and sepsis 😮

        She’s still not totally back to normal.. she feel better and wanna be out doing things but her body went through a lot and still needs recovery ❤️‍🩹 I check on her constantly and make sure she has everything she needs. Make sure she rests. Careful with these end of winter flu’s and colds

        Take it easy – heal 🙏

        You don’t have the old dial up on that desktop, do you? 😄

        I can still hear that dial up sound and remember getting kicked off if a phone call came in 😄😄 oh the struggles we had 😄😄

        I have no landline 📞 at my house … if my people want me they have my number – otherwise just would be for telemarketers and they don’t need another way to reach me – no thank you

        I must have cell due to work … and I have all my funeral people, some families, contractors – all my calendars and appts, things to remember (reminders are awesome 👏)

        My friends and family there in my phone too. I do everything including post on my phone 📱

        I was forced to upgrade my phone a year ago – I was missing calls and things… every time apple does an update – I can feel my phone going obsolete lol

        But love it… I can read where ever I am, or google or have it tell me directions etc

        You will love once get used to

        It is essential for business yes!! And life ✌️

        I can also log in and check out my daughters grades or what she needs etc. 👏 and I can FaceTime with my mom many states away ❤️

        So for me also essential for family and friends

        I do once in awhile miss not always in contact – you know the peace of old school lol ✌️

        But – I can’t miss death, I don’t want to miss life either so … you will love ❤️✌️

        I am that way with technology somewhat… I just avoid most things – I used to be so on top of newest tech… but eh then the world took over and I’m out lol 😄✌️

        But I do love the phone 📱 ❤️

        And you can watch movies or news or shows on the fly

        No more boredom waiting for the dr 😄✌️

        Or uneasy moment with strangers – ahhh phone stuff lol

        So yeah pretty awesome 👏


      2. 🙂

        It’ll take a bit of getting used to admittedly.

        Years ago and long before Smartphones l used to be a demon texter with my business, in the days before we had a keyboard. I would send out 1000 client texts a month – l lost that habit when the old business closed.

        It’ll only be a business phone [for now] but l suppose l am contactable again to the small world l allow.

        Hahaha, no l have a very fast internet service here 🙂 Gone are the days of screeching on the phone. I remember l set up a 600 page business website on dial up, lordy l don’t miss those days 🙂

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      3. I used to work as a telephone operator before kids – handling major accounts

        One of our accounts was Metro Media Paging lol…

        People would call in – you would say:
        Metro media paging, what is your pager number please?
        They would give it and then we would say …

        And your message?

        Sometimes it was doctors, lawyers, police, drug dealers and even lovers 😮

        They would give all kinds of messages lol

        The messages would come across the pager like a ticker tape

        Back in the days before cell phones, there were pagers 📟

        Lol and how many years ago was that? Doesn’t feel like very long – but I guess it is 😮

        Hahaha a 600 page website on dial up – omg I can not even imagine – disable that call waiting lol

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