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Welcome to Best of the Month
Welcome to Best of the Month

Although l have been interested in photography since l was a youngster, there is a difference l think between wanting to take quick pictures with a camera when out with the family and wanting to create photographs.

So with that definition of the two styles, l was happy to ‘just take pictures’ for most of my life; however, in more recent years and more so as l have aged. I have taken a keener interest and developed more of a love and passion for photography through the eyes of an amateur.

I like to take more time working with the creativity and beauty of a moment and trying to convey that to the viewer.

No longer do l simply point and click. Now l observe and watch and understand the story behind what l am looking to photograph, l learn the behaviours of the wildlife, research the growing seasons of plants, and so on and read to understand more. I want people to see what l was witnessing at that moment.

We can all pick up a camera, press the button, and click away to produce a picture, but with photography, you are trying to display the emotion you experienced when you were in that moment.

I have a camera of one sort with me every day, whether out walking, or working when l volunteer, or in the garden or even when just out and about about town. I want to improve my photography, so l take thousands of images every month and practice and hone my craft.

Now l take pictures of all sorts of things and moments and observations, quirky, weird and unconventional, under different weather conditions and times of the day, different seasons and from different positions and angles. I try to capture a moment in time that my eyes saw, and it fired my imagination up.

A friend of mine once said, “Rory, you can never take too many, but you can take too few, so don’t be afraid, especially now when the world is digital, to go out and take as many as you want because the truly wonderful shots are never ten a penny, but you’ll not know that till you have taken thousands to compare.”

Every month l will have taken hundreds of good photographs, but l might only have captured a handful that l consider to be genuinely excellent or uniquely unusual.

This is what the Best of the Month gallery is about – it holds images that l consider excellent or different, charming or just symbolic for that month, and l wanted to share them.

I hope you’ll enjoy the series.

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“You don’t have to be interesting. You have to be interested.”
John Gottman