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Season One
Mon 08th Aug 2022Wed 10th Aug 2022
Mon 15th Aug 2022
Mon 22nd Aug 2022
Mon 29th Aug 2022Fri 02nd Sept 2022
Mon 05th Sep 2022Wed 07th Sep 2022Fri 09th Sep 2022
Mon 12th Sep 2022Wed 14th Sep 2022Fri 16th Sep 2022
Mon 19th Sep 2022Wed 21st Sep 2022Fri 23rd Sep 2022
Mon 26th Sep 2022Wed 28th Sep 2022Fri 30th Sep 2022
Mon 03rd Oct 2022Fri 07th Oct 2022
Mon 10th Oct 2022Fri 14th Oct 2022
Mon 17th Oct 2022Fri 21st Oct 2022
Mon 24th Oct 2022Fri 28th Oct 2022
Mon 31st Oct 2022Fri 04th Nov 2022
Mon 07th Nov 2022Fri 11th Nov 2022
Mon 14th Nov 2022Fri 18th Nov 2022
Mon 21st Nov 2022Fri 25th Nov 2022
Mon 28th Nov 2022

It’s amazing how the world begins to change through the eyes of a cup of coffee. – Donna A. Favors
Earthen Wurmin Autie