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Rory MatierRory Matier
Artisan PartisansFrom today my tomorrows will be my yesterday
YesterdayPostcards in Time
Country Boy LivingTouched by Darkness
Captured MomentsChild …
Deepest BlushArmadillo’s Bathtime
Autumn’s FallenEyes Wide Shut
Autumns DawningPockets of If
DecayA One Day Maybe Philosophy
Creative AmbienceEyed Moments
A Suicidal Cold DayYesterday’s Me
I walk and think and blink.Echoing Footsteps
Darkness rolling in …Words Follow You …
One Day MaybeColours of the Night Time Day
Broken TearDances Does The Wind Blow
Branded By SocietyWinter’s Breath
Broken CommunicationsWinters’ Draw
Changes in the AirWinter’s Soul
The Natural CatalystA Hankering for A Good sT over a St!
AwakenBrutally Honest
True ColoursFluently Broken
Edge of DarknessGlimpse
DestinyThe Kiss of Frost
Faraway Olde Sweet ShoppeOopsy Bloody Daisy/Deadly Sins
Grim RealityHexed
Poverty of the SoulThe Long Way HomeAglowNature’s Notice
Bright SideSinging to another tuneThe Envious AuthorHoney Dues
Dancing to Life’s MusicTending the Garden
GlowSeason Like
Being a Tree Ain’t Easy
Spring Morning
VictorSuzetteSuzanneKG Munro
Be HappierFebruary’s FootprintsWhite PaintLavender Fields
Poster of the DayPink Sky PetuniaHave a Blessed Day
Said the flower to the bee …
Monty VernKristian Weigman
Rediscovering SightLet The Night Fall
Favourite of Favourites

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.
Robert Frost