Composting Prompt Ingredients Directory

Everyone loves a creative push, a gentle nudge, and what better to sate that passion than a writing prompt? Something to stir the imagination, or to inspire the mind, tickle the fancy, provide a bit of a distraction, and maybe provide some entertainment along the way too?

But why, Composting’ Prompt’ Ingredients? What’s that all about then? Well, if you think about it, it’s pretty straightforward. Ultimately Earthly Comforts is about worm farming and composting.

The secret to a great ‘compost’ heap is the ingredients. It’s a bit like a dash of this, a splash of that and a few drops of something else, as a witch might say when stirring up a cauldron concoction.

Composting isn’t rocket science but gentle crafting and building your skills up, and eventually, you’ll find a balance that is right for you in your quest for gardener’s gold! Composting is all about knowing what you can add and the right ingredients.

So if we were to say ‘composting prompt ingredients’, that is all about seeing what works with writing. Therefore, your ingredients might be prompt, inspiration, creativity, imagination, opinion, suggestion, provocation, controversy, moments, chance encounters, experiences, uniqueness, personality, individuality, perspective, reading, etc.

Eventually, after much practice, you’ll soon reap the rewards of what you, too, sow or, in the case of composting, fork over and get the best out of what you have put into it!

Here it’s a case of teasing your curiosity out with a few choice distractions, and all the Earthly Comfort prompts are designed to allow your interpretation to create for you, allowing your mind to run wild. Be they questions to make you think or puzzles to make you wonder, or snippets of wordery to bring out your artisan crafts to bump and grind their way along with the keyboard – it’s all up to you and how you decide to express yourself.

So, should you wish, please feel free to drop a comment below, or if teased and tempted enough, then create your post and please remember to link your blog to mine with a pingback; otherwise, I’ll never see your response.

Pingbacks are easy to do – Copy the URL (the HTTPS:// address of the prompt post) and paste it into your post. You may also place a copy of the URL of your post in the comments of the current week’s prompt.

Thanks for reading, see you soon.

Composting Prompt Ingredients

Asking for a FriendLists
4-2-1 The Life WithinImage Inspired Writing
Gardening DJ’s PlaylistsMusic
Tales from the HeapCreative Writing
The Great Garden Bake-OffCooking and Recipes
Mad as a Box of Frogs!Questions
Seeds of CreativityInspirational Quote/Poem Memes

Asking for a Friend
10 Ways to Dispose of a Body in the Back Garden
10 Weird Garden Accidents Just Waiting to Happen!
10 Trees With Attitude
10 Frightening insects
10 Bizarre Composting Events
[Inspired by Wenlock Olympian Games]
12 Ways to Waste Time When Composting?

Tales from the Heap
Of Mice and Composters
How to deal with backyard zombies
The Haunted Garden
Crippen’s Spade
Wasps from Outer Space
Aggressive Beavers I Have met
The Naked Composters Club
Irresponsible Hedgehogs and Drunken Squirrels
The Gnomes Made Me Do It!
Putrid Swans and Hairy Tails!

Mad as a Box of Frogs
Mad as a Box of Frogs
Can you nail jelly to the wall?
Compost Curios
The Composters Apocalypse
Deadly Shades
Strange Gardening Sightings
The Bucket List
Life Moves A Pace

Gardening DJ’s Playlists
Add One Word and Change The Film!
10 Great Gardening Songs
10 Rock and Roll Songs to Aid Decomposition!
10 Trace metals Heavy metal Songs!
12 Great Forkin’ Songs!
Top 10 Best Eco Friendly Songs

Seeds of Creativity
Magical Mystery Tour
Fairy Bandits
The Creeping GARDEN
Field of Dreams
The Enchanted Isle
Garden of Eden
Morning Inspiration
Hidden Paths, Secret Trails
Country Adventuring
Everyday Wellbeing
The Mindful Kitchen
Creative Balance
Castles in the Air

The Great Garden Bake-Off
Attack of the Fifty-Foot Mushrooms
Forbidden Fruit
Attack of the Giant Vegetables
Lethal Bananas!
Great Hum[m]us Recipes!
Organic Toxin Cocktails
Best Biodegradable Dishes
Pond Slime in the Kitchen!

4-2-1 The Life Within
100 Different Shots of 100 Different Things/Life Moves A Pace
Moments in Time/Imagining This
Changes in Time/
Tales from the Heap/This Haunted Earth
Bright Side of Life/Elephants in the Sun
Prompt Crafter Page

“You should write because you love the shape of stories and sentences and the creation of different words on a page. Writing comes from reading, and reading is the finest teacher of how to write.”
Annie Proulx

Earthen Wurmin Autie