The Country Life Style Diary

The Country Life Style Diary

This feature was inspired during a country walk l was enjoying one very early Sunday morning this year in May 2022. What l wanted to have was an open sandbox community feature of sorts that would encourage interaction and creativity from the readership, including myself.

That would have the makeup of a ‘scrapbook’ or country journal with exciting snippets and tales of life, recipes, musings, hints and tips and garden hacks, creativity and prompts, poems and artwork and photography and interviews with like-minded writers, gardeners and composters alike.

A place that would give rise to friendly and social observation, conversation and chatter, like a coffee morning. A diversion from the daily bump and grind of everyday hummdrummery!

A place to have and share a laugh, a golden nugget of wisdom and have your say. Talks of walks, scribbles and doodles, nature trail tales, snippets of interest, and things that simply innocently tickle one’s fancy and reminiscing moments from yesterday.

The Country Life Style Diary is like the scrapbook some of us had as kids growing up, that secret place between the pages where we hid cherished moments of our lives.

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Country Walks, hikes, recipes, hints, tips, observations, prompts, photography, poems, tales, fascinations, snippets, musings, chatter, conservation, recycling, nature trails, articles, conversation … the choice is yours as to what you choose to share with the diary.

“Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing..”
Rollo May