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Rory Matier

Earthly Comforts – Inspired By Nature.
Simply put, Earthly Comforts is inspired by nature which l happen to be very passionate about. Enough so for me to want to create an entire blog on the subject. 

Always expect the unexpected, l like to say to people, especially when it is something l am involved with. 

So with that in mind, Earthly Comforts is a broad niche wildlife journaling scrapbook focusing on the countryside, wildlife biodiversity and environmental conservation, flora and fauna volunteering projects, gardening, composting and vermiculture, also known as ‘worm farming and photography too. 

I am also in the early stages of starting my own worm farming business and am a massive fan of ‘earthworms’ hence the logo on the blog. I will also journal about my adventures as a novice worm farmer. 

So, what will l be writing about?
I could answer that quickly with this one line alone – What lies beneath, above and within the soils too! But, l will spread it out a bit more to eliminate guesswork.

Whilst, Earthly Comforts isn’t a blog about autism, l am autistic and l love diversity. I see things differently at times through my eyes to some folks, and l write about them.

Each LINK below will take you directly to each category in the blog. 

The Country Life Style Diary Link
  The Country Life Style Diary is a collective community hub for conversation and musings and for people to share their views and opinions. On topics like wildlife, nature, the environment and other passions, like music, books and film, mindfulness, mental health and wellbeing, cooking and food for thought. But equally, it will be a place for fun, laughter, inspiration, and creative input. 

Community is important. So is the need to feel connected and find like-minded individuals who want to engage in discussions that enrich and expand their social circles and in which they can meet with writers and creators alike who have a sense of the same shared values.

Earthen Tales Link
Content concerning herbs and weeds, gardening and wildlife gardening methods, volunteering work projects, and articles on birds, animals, and insects as well as an interview series too.

Composting Link
Composting is a process of organic recycling in its simplest form. The art of encouraging the decomposition process naturally with bacteria, worms and other invertebrates that live within the soils, microorganisms and air movements. It produces an end product known as compost, an excellent fertiliser for plants.

Vermiculture Link
Vermiculture [aka worm farming] is the culture of earthworms – as in raising and breeding earthworms to enhance further the vermicompost process, which uses various worms to decompose organic waste into fertiliser. 

The Gallery Features Link
I am an amateur photographer and have always had a camera of one sort or another since l was a child and, l now take on average around 4000 photographs digitally a month. I keep back usually about 10% for gallery displays.

Conservation, nature, flora and fauna, combined with a deep fascination and passion for history, means l have gallery features here that cover beautiful scenery, wildlife moments, and medieval captures that have been taken from where l live in Sandwich and the surrounding countryside of Kent, England.

Now, if that’s the thing you are keen to boogie down with and read, then welcome to my blog – Earthly Comforts!

“I am proud to say I have worms big ones, little ones, fat ones, thin ones, well all sorts really and l’ll be writing about them here in Earthly Comforts.”

Thanks for Reading – The Autistic Composter“

Commnent Policy

I am all for discussion here, and freedom of speech and l know that there will undoubtedly be times of healthy disagreements; however, l have a few points of note – l will delete/edit any comments that l consider offensive or spam oriented or those that contain profanity or are troll-motivated and aggressive towards other individuals.

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