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Rory Matier

Earthly Comforts – Inspired By Nature.
Earthly Comforts is the blog that supports my thoughts. Here l journal, write, and create content about my passions and subjects that inspire me: composting, worm farming, allotmenteering, gardening, wildlife volunteering, poetry and photography.

 I am also in the early stages of starting my own gardening business.

So, what will l be writing about?
I can answer that quickly with this one line alone – What lies beneath, above and within the soils too!

Each LINK below will take you directly to each category in the blog. 

Composting is a process of organic recycling in its simplest form. The art of encouraging the decomposition process naturally with bacteria, worms and other invertebrates that live within the soils, microorganisms and air movements. It produces an end product known as compost, an excellent fertiliser for plants.

Vermiculture [aka worm farming] is the culture of earthworms – as in raising and breeding earthworms to enhance further the vermicompost process, which uses various worms to decompose organic waste into fertiliser. 

Country Lifestyle Diary
   The Country Life Style Diary is a collective of earthen tales concerning; gardening, allotmenteering, photography galleries, volunteering projects, musings on life, country walks, poetry, environmental concerns and species information regarding flora and fauna.

Now, if that’s the thing you are keen to boogie down with and read, then welcome to my blog – Earthly Comforts!

“I am proud to say I have worms big ones, little ones, fat ones, thin ones, well all sorts really and l’ll be writing about them here in Earthly Comforts.”

Thanks for Reading – The Autistic Composter“

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I am all for discussion here, and freedom of speech and l know that there will undoubtedly be times of healthy disagreements; however, l have a few points of note – l will delete/edit any comments that l consider offensive or spam oriented or those that contain profanity or are troll-motivated and aggressive towards other individuals.

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