Nature Diary

Teasles in the Sun
“We had joy, we had fun,
We had teasles in the sun
Main image – Teasles in Gazen Salts Nature Reserve this morning.

Mallard Hen drying off after a morning swim

Music Score – Breeze – Morning Light Music

Gallows Field – Gazen Salts Nature Reserve

A break in the heat supposedly starts today. So far, whilst it is marginally more relaxed than yesterday morning, last night was still very much the devil in disguise. I had retired for the night just after nine pm but was still awake just before midnight. I had to strip off naked because everything was too hot and uncomfortable to be clothed in bed, even with lightweight Pj’s!

The alarm went off at four, and whilst l was awake, l was shattered and didn’t haul my ass out of bed till thirty minutes later. It was like l hadn’t slept! There are days like that, and there have been quite a few over the last two months since the heat started heating the eastern coastline of Kent!

So today is ‘cooler’ than yesterday’s temperature – we will see.

I have a busy week ahead; l am building the new worm towers today, intending to begin the overlong and delayed harvesting. I can’t say l am not apprehensive about that because the heat has been excessive, and worms like moderate temperatures. My towers can offer some, the new ones more so as they will be deeper. But running outside farms is difficult at best! So l am eager to get on with that.

I have not been that well for the last few weeks with gastrointestinal problems that have been more problematic than usual, and l have experienced much more gut pain than average. I still get on and work through it, but it has awarded me with a drop in speed to my normal fastness.

I have my doctor’s appointment this coming Thursday, so hopefully, l can get the ball rolling forwards again as l am becoming very worried about my diet and ability to eat and digest properly now. It’s a good job l am a positive guy in many other areas and not hampered into a depression with this pain because it can be disheartening!

Also, whilst the series Tales from Gazen Salts isn’t running currently, a new season begins later this month, but there is news to be had there. I am applying for a part-time warden job, so I am preparing my application for submission this Wednesday. I am apprehensive there as it is a job l would love to have. But more on that another time.

This morning’s walk with Suze took us to the nature reserve, so l hope you enjoy the photographs.

Designs – Earthly Comforts – Inspired by Nature – see collection here

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Here’s wishing you all a lovely week and a great Monday, and l’ll catch up with you all soon. Thanks for reading.

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11 thoughts on “Nature Diary

  1. Thank you for the nice music and lovely photos, Rory!
    Hopefully, the weather will begin to cool down now that Autumn is close to hand.
    So sorry to hear you are still suffering digestive problems! I do hope the doctor is able to offer you some constructive medical advice and assistance!
    My Heart is with you, as always, wishing you well, Dear. 💞

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I sure hope this doc has a brain in his head! Your gut, your “heart pain”, you’re falling apart JB!

    I read about you keepin’ on keepin’ on and think “how does he do it?” Then I think about my life and other friends and I understand.

    Fingers crossed for Thor’sDay🤞

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Angie, you know the score only too well. If we stop at times we will stop dead in our tracks. For you it’s your zen, for me it’s the power of positive thought – same thing – but that keeps me going and then grim determination and brute grace on occasiona of course 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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