Plants That Say No Go Buddy – Not On My Shift!

Predatory and Companion Plants

The beauty and benefits of companion planting. Techniques to introduce different flowers, plants and herbs with an attitude that can support and improve soil conditions, increase fertility, offer shelter and attract and repel insects simultaneously.


Parsley is an excellent repellent against asparagus beetles. Other plants that will appreciate the companionship are tomatoes, carrots, pepper plants, corn, onions and peas. I used to have it between nasturtiums and marigolds when square foot gardening. Roses benefit from the presence of parsley as it repels the rose beetle. But mints and lettuce do not like it at all.

Many insects love parsley, and some even lay their eggs on the leaves. Hoverflies also love parsley, and they are a natural predator to aphids which attack many other vegetables growing in your garden. Parasitic wasps are attracted to flowering parsleys.

Parsley sown next to brassicas is an excellent match as it attracts insects that will prey on the worms that love to attack cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and kales. 

Parsley is a great garnish and salad foodstuff. It has been around for a very long time as a herb, so like many of our herbs. Here in the UK, we also have the uncultivated parsleys that grow wild, ‘Cow Parsley‘ is also often called Keck, which is equally as edible as the cultivated kind. 

However, if not known and identified correctly, it can get mixed up and confused with Fool’s Parsley, which can be fatal if consumed. But sometimes Keck is also confused when young with the giant cow parsley, which can cause severe burns to the skin. 

I have found the best results by planting parsley into pots scattered around the garden near the vegetable plants. When square foot gardening, l planted seeds directly to the grounds between the rows and achieved excellent results.

Hope you enjoyed this article and l’ll see you again soon.

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