Garden – October – 2

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Main Image PLOT 17 25th October 2022

All 19 bags of sieved vermicast and compost were shipped down to the allotment Tuesday morning. We reigned in the help of Edward and his car, a good sized Mercedes estate.

Tuesday 25th

All the bags were tipped into Soil Holding Area 3 which as you can see is filling up nicely. All that remains to be tipped into here this week will be the soils from Worm Bin 1. Once done that will mean we have roughly just just under three tonnes of soil, vermicast and compost that we can add as a mulching layer to the raised beds.

I have a six 40 litre bags of compost which l will also add to the mulching. I think we have the raised beds covered now especially we believe we can rake off an additional half ton of soil from the bare earth areas in the allotment.

Deconstructing Willow …
Tuesday 25th
Part 2

Worm Bins 1 and 2 Tuesday afternoon.

Suze and l decided that we would forge ahead this week and make things happen concerning Willow and the allotment. Whatever the weather – making it happen was our philosophy. So that is what has happened this week since Sunday. We have ploughed on regardless of weather, rain or wind, gale or sun – deconstruct Willow as best as possible. That credo extends to feeling unwell also, as both Suze and l are under the weather currently to boot! Suze has flu and l have digestion issues again.

Once the composting operation was broken down, we could start dismantling the first worm farm to use the soil to put into the raised beds’ mulch layers.

Worm bin one was empty, awaiting expansion. Worm bin two was designated to hold worm eggs and juveniles, whilst bins three and four were the active farms with the leading breeding stocks. I decided that l would only run three five-tiered farms for the time being, and the breeding stocks would be divided between those three bins.

Using other boxes sited at the top of the active farms would mean eggs and juveniles could be kept within the active farms. This will prove to be a more beneficial system for breeding.

So on Tuesday afternoon, Suze and l emptied off Worm Farm 1 and filled 12 bags with the contents, roughly half a ton of extra soil for the raised beds at the allotment. Those bags will then be transferred to Plot 17 later in the week alongside the bags of shop-bought compost and the surplus bags of coffee we have been collecting for the last ten days.

With that out of the way and, more importantly, away from Willow, we can begin the jump-start of the large garden tidy-up. But also, we can move the worm farms into their final location, freeing up even more space in the garden and making things considerably easier for us both.

Another excellent job well done.

Worm bin one emptied off and 12 bags of soil filled.

Thanks for Reading – See you next time.
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    1. Hey Betty, Suze is now losing her voice, which sadly happens when she gets flu of this type. My digestion cannot seemingly support any food in my stomach and yeah, we have both seen and had better days 🙂

      BUT, we are determined to get this push done before really bad weather settles in.

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