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Doin’ The Dirt was a gardening series that ran in my first blog, ‘ A Guy Called Bloke, from 2018 to 2022, when the blog closed. Willow Garden is a series exclusive to the Earthly Comforts blog only.

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First glances at Plot 44

I would be one of the first to agree with the philosophy ‘Size isn’t everything, it’s what you do with it that counts!”

But, in some cases, that’s not the whole truth because sometimes size is everything, and the more considerable, the better means you can do more, get more in and get more done … in shorter terms, the bigger something is, the more you have to play with as long as you know what you want and your level of experience!

This is most certainly the case when it comes to allotment plots.

Yesterday, Suze and l were offered Plot 44, which at first glance was an excellent, straightforward ‘starter’ plot but not good gardening growing plot. It would have been perhaps ideal if we didn’t want chickens and the composting operation, but as we do, sadly, 44 didn’t make the grade.

It came with a small 6 x 4 shed that needed roofing repairs which wouldn’t be a problem, and the previous plotter had materials in the small shed to make that repair possible. However, sadly it was still too small for our requirements.

The previous plotter, not that l know if allotment plot gardeners are known as plotters, but allotment plotters certainly have a ring to it and sound like something that a conspiracist would be proud of.

Sadly the previous plotter, to forty-four, was one of the first in the UK to get the original strain of covid, and he has had to give up the allotment due to suffering with long covid, which is why it was offered to us.

Forty-four may have held some appeal also had it NOT been for the plotter next to us in 45. We met him briefly … ah no, wait a moment, not accurate… yes we met him ‘briefly’, but he was unwilling to let us go briefly, NO!

We then had to politely endure 25 minutes of banality comprised of us listening to him blathering on about how important he was in the gardening community, how much money he had, how many properties he was involved in, and how many important people he knew. He bored us both further with the process of starting to name them all!

He was oblivious to us. He was talking for the sake of talking and fluffing his tail feathers to impress us.

There was just NO way on this planet l could have a plot next to a self-important narcissist who felt he was a humorous joker to boot and loved the sound of his voice … nope, nada, no way!

Life is way too short to be standing around watching a strutting peacock! It’s not me being rude, just pragmatic, he reminded me of my father too much and that didn’t end so well for either party.

So we declined forty-four, BUT l was instead taken with Plot Twenty! So on my return home, l emailed the lady in charge, flirted a bit [remember it’s not what you know but who] and put my case for twenty across. All going well. We should be in there maybe sometime in September!

Plot 44 was of a good size, measuting 35 feet long by 18 feet wide, came with a shed and what appeared to to be perhaps three raised beds, beneath the mass of tall and wild weeds … but it appeared to also come with a self righteous peacock which didn’t appeal.

Plot 20

Plot 20 is marginally bigger than plot 44 as you can see on the above map. It measures 47 feet in length and 37 feet width and comes with a greenhouse and a shed and several sleepers which would make for good raised beds, a compost area, plum and pear and apple trees, two water butts and space for all of our requirements too . But more importantly it doesn’t come with a strutting peacock.
Hopefully, this’ll be a win for us!
Fingers crossed.

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14 thoughts on “Garden – July – 4

  1. Hahaha oh so funny.

    Yes 44 is not ideal – that is little compared to plot of 20… with 20 you breathe in peace better 😊

    But lol … I can just imagine you and Suze 😄😄 … it is little humorous when you describe

    Lol peacock 🦚

    I have seen those also ✌️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, out of the corner of my eye l could see twitching and eye rolling and grimacing. I was looking head on at the chap so had to be polite. But Suze was saying, l thought you were going to blow, you were switching feet, stamping your foot and l thought you were going to fall asleep at one point ….

      Hahaha peacocks ….

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s so funny

        I have to be aware of and control my facial expressions too… my face is always so fast to react lol – I am very aware and careful or try to be ✌️

        That’s funny getting stuck with him though – good thing you meet him and not just buy that, THEN meet him lol

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That was what Suze and l said almost in unison Trisha, thank goodness we met him NOW and not later or too late. If we had landed next to that guy, Suze would have blown first and l would have had to pull her off him before she beat him to death with a cucumber or something hahaha 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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