Nature Diary

Too Long!
Main Image – Oakleaf hydrangea
Tuesday 08th November.

Fisherman’s Wharf

Music Score –Deep Thoughts

Rope Walk slowing yellowing or mellowing with the approaching winter.

We managed to grab a quick walk this morning between showers. The rain has a way of both disorientating you and depressing you simultaneously, especially our current rain showers, which have been relentless for the last two weeks, maybe three.

A lady walking her elderly dog chatted to us this morning as yet another rain shower started just as we thought it was drying up and said she hadn’t been able to hang washing out for three weeks or so. Yes, that is about right. The rains have been with us for a fair amount of time!

Too long.

Today was supposed to be sunny with light showers, yet that is interwoven with cloudy and heavy rain storms. As l write, it is sunny again, but a vast black cloud l can see from the window suggests otherwise.

Our last walk was Saturday, and our last day at the allotment was Friday. Tomorrow is sunny, and l am at the reserve in the building, but tomorrow afternoon, providing the damn weather forecasts are correct, it is to be dry with no rain, so hopefully, we’ll be in the garden.

The walk this morning was pleasant, though, and that is what matters, but after three weeks of rain, l will be glad to see the back of it.

My favourite tree is now slowly losing all its leaves, but it is still lovely all the same.

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9 thoughts on “Nature Diary

    1. Hey Renard, many thanks. Suze and l can work and walk in light rain. However, the showers currently are not weak. They are causing major flooding issues down here due to their heaviness.

      Years ago, l remember walking with a friend in Dover during a torrential downpour, and we were soaked through. We laughed about it … years later, l don’t think l would find it as funny anymore. I was younger and foolish then, l am no longer younger, l debate if l am foolish daily though 🙂

      I wish you a lovely Tuesday afternoon.

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