Don’t Judge a Plot by the Beds Only

Plot 17 – The Earthly Comforts Garden

Season Three – Plot 17 Growing Season April – September 2023

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Don’t Judge a Plot by the Beds Only
“The farmer has to be an optimist or he wouldn’t still be a farmer.”

Will Rogers

Plot 17 from the front gate – now 90% completed.

All outside raised beds now planted aside from No’s 6 & 9

It’s been a while since l wrote about the actual expansion/sowing progression down on Plot 17. I have been busy. We both have various projects on the go simultaneously, either with the allotment, gardening business, or volunteering. Never mind the actual life stuff we both need to get on with.

Whilst we have progressed wonderfully on the allotment in several areas, we still need to catch up for this reason or that. There is always something to work the devil’s advocate.

In the last week alone, l have had many smaller must-do projects on the go, mostly the selling side to Gazen Salts and bad news on that front that happened last week and made me examine if l was finally going to have to let go of the nature reserve’s volunteering. It might come to that, sadly. A clash of personalities is what is the trigger.

Of course, the Jubilee Garden project is now on the horizon, and l am very excited about that because l believe the marketing ideas l had for Gazen will work just as well, if not better, with the Jubilee.

Whether l will give up Gazen Salts entirely remains to be seen, but something has got to give, given the sheer busyness of my life itself. I may settle for Stocks and Stores for Gazen Salts once a month to keep the shed ticking over and then dedicate a couple of days a week to the community garden/allotment and the work with Earthly Comforts and our allotment. Life is set to become even busier.

I am also recovering from a serious issue with the top of my hip or the lower part of my back. It’s been excruciating, and whilst the results from the x-rays l had several weeks ago revealed minor osteoarthritis – if this pain is mild, l dread to think what life will be like when l am eighty-five or something!

So l have booked myself in for an ultrasound scan this coming weekend to see if they can isolate something other than a maybe arthritis bid.

Despite the pain and discomfort, l have still worked in the various locations, and whilst YES sure l took some time out on Monday and Tuesday, l am never sitting still doing nothing, so l am always active even when unwell. I was working either in the Willow Garden or on other projects.

I visited another gardening project last Tuesday, which could work out to a four-day stint of new business for Suze and l, and if the quote is accepted, we could add another regular to the books once the job is completed. We shall see.

However, to the allotment. Things have changed once again with the sowing and planting lineup. Way of the gardening world, l feel nothing is concrete till it is rock solid. The last time l displayed the planting lineup was back on 9th May. It has changed again, but finally, now we are there.

We have twenty-one growing areas over the entire plot, comprising twelve outside raised beds of various sizes and nine distinct additional areas for farming purposes. Be this tabled raised beds, fruit cages, growing land strips, secondhand baths and potted regions.

Of the twelve raised beds, we are currently planted into ten, with the remaining two to be finally achieved this coming weekend.

The building projects – the polytunnel and the water station are STILL behind, and now it’s down to the injured back of mine and a north-easterly wind that is making farming awkward. Many of the seedlings we wanted to plant have had to be potted on again into much larger containers to not suffer from wind damage or the cold still present in the wind, which is burning the leaves or damaging crops.

We will now buy new seedlings instead of growing them from seed for courgettes, marrow and butternut squash because although we planted them, the weather has caused terrible damage. Once bought, we will repot into larger containers and grow on. We really could have done with the polytunnel erected by now.

I tire of saying ‘All Going Well’, but despite my annoyance with the term, we are still doing well. We have a lot of crops planted and an allotment that is thriving in many areas, and once we have the water station and the actual tunnel up, we can both take a breather because we are absolutely shattered.

It’s still a tremendous achievement and success from the time we took Plot 17 on board on 9th September 2022 and how it as an area of land has come along with our hard work. Many other allotmenteers once considered the allotment to be a tidy plot in the time previous to us. However, it lends weight to the term ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’.

Because of the sheer graft, we have performed with the area and the soils especially – that supposedly ‘once tidy plot’ before us has been seen all too clearly to have NOT been a prosperous, growing area. This was a fact l raised in October last year when l mentioned the poor quality soil.

I have improved the soil with my compost and vermicast, our hard work, diligence, and determination to make a farming area for our table worthwhile and valuable. Anything we do with that space is always for the betterment of either our lifestyle or for the potentiality of business possibilities. One of the most significant projects to consider was our strategy for improvement. That has paid huge dividends.

There will come a time, or even not when l can write in more detail; l certainly have all the necessary photographs to support the posts, just not always the time. Things can change quickly with the plot.

Plus, there is so much to it, and l could write post content explaining everything done and achieved since my last detailed post, and yet whilst that might be true for that particular day, l can almost guarantee something significant will have changed it the following week.

I will write about the plot in more detail once all the plantings are finalised, the building projects completed and when the human stresses and strains of two overly tired individuals who, at times whilst best mates, want to kill the other one at least a dozen times a week are replaced with less duress and sprain. 

This is primarily due to clashing motivation levels, l am a natural optimist, and Suzanne is not, and she sometimes leans more towards the pessimist side. This can mean on occasion and more when fatigue is present, there are differences of opinions about what goes where, the effectiveness of decisions and if things are running behind schedule [the various building projects] combined with poor weather whilst l will say, ‘well, it can happen’, Suze knowing that to be true is still pretty pissed off! It can be challenging for us both at times.

But all that said, we are the best of mates, and we bounce back quickly, thank goodness!

Till then, here are some of the latest photographs of Plot 17’s Progression.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time. Till then, have yourselves a terrific day!

The Autistic Composter

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Oopsy Bloody Daisy

If you would like to submit a poem, inspirational musing, or even a photograph you have written or taken to the Poetry Directory to be displayed in Earthly Comforts, l would love to hear from you.

Don’t Be Shy 🙂

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‘Oopsy Bloody Daisy’

It’s not that l am unlucky per se,
Fate and destiny serve me well,
But l am a bit of a clumsy beast,
Like a devil in accident-prone hell!
Matters not either, how careful l try to be,
Caution seems to float past my head,
With disaster following rather quickly!

From as far back as my memory serves,
Surrounded l have been by mishaps,
Like someone above wants me to get my just desserts,
Or perhaps God wants me kidnapped,
By aliens who might like to probe,
Deep inside my careless mind,
To discover if my frontal lobe,
Is present entirely and utterly all the time!

Falling into holes, slipping over rocks,
Being chased by nutty squirrels,
Wiring up badly and burning with the shock,
Running, jumping and falling flat on hurdles!
Tragedy always follows me wherever l go,
Matters not, how careful l am,
Gingerly stepping through life with a steady Whoa!
But l am an accident-prone man!

Emotionally, personally, physically,
Intellectually, all the same,
Accidents, mishaps, disasters fundamentally,
If it can go wrong, it’s my claim to fame!
Dropping into monsoon drains,
And carried out to sea,
I know it sounds insane,
But it always happens to me,

Getting to the point that it looks deliberate,
Trying to get attention, maybe,
I don’t think so. In all honesty, it just predates,
On me, like a tremendous dirty disability!
Bouncing out of the saddle of a galloping horse,
And eating half the countryside,
Swallowing my teeth and buggering my jaws,
Not mentioning what it did to my insides,

Russian roulette might be luckier,
One bullet destined for the brain,
It would probably miss as a procedure,
And ricochet off the wall awarding me more pain,
But not death, for it would appear,
Despite all the worst that can happen,
The Grim Reaper, l think, lives in fear,
Of my soul, and finds it funnier to see me in action,

Rather than claiming me as his own,
He revels in offering me a life filled with dread,
And laughs joyously at this human cyclone,
That bangs around through his life instead,
Praying that the dangerous cycle may soon stop,
And that the words ‘Oopsy Daisy’,
It might quickly end and close down like a shop
Not to be seen again … maybe,

Alas, however, l thinks l is doomed,
To a life of bangs, scrapes, breaks and close shaves,
And that from my birth, l have been groomed,
By some mischievous imp who was seriously depraved!
Relishing in the sad factor that there is always one,
Who has to have their pathway,
Lined with disasters, accidents and unlucky fun,
Remembering the term Oopsy bloody Daisy!

Copyright © 2008 & reworked 2023 – Rory Matier
Like what’s the worst that could happen?
Oh no!
I spoke too soon!
Deadly Sins    
 Why oh why does lousy luck,
 Always follow me,
 Like what have l done,
 To be this deserving,
 When all l wanted was some,
 Sensual fun!
 I mean, come on, she was well-fit,
 And yet this is how you,
 Repay me for my effort,
 This is so unfair, so not true!
 I was having an incredible time,
 It was a mind-blowing sin,
 With a lass so ‘mightily’ fine!
 Her fingers alone made me spin!
 And so damningly adventurous,
 Sensually exotic to sexually erotic,
 .. And her tongue made me delirious,
 Oh God, and the way she moved,
 .. It was simply hypnotic!
 Sensational skin on skin,
 Action and this is what you do?
 To me, for my deadly sins,
 Come on, God,
 … what have l ever done to you?
 Who would have thought,
 I would end up here,
 Seriously distressed,
Upset and overwrought,
My biggest fear!
 At the height of my lustful,
 … passions,
 That you would reward me so,
 .. Cruelly with,
 Damn, you,
 … death by

Copyright © 2009 & reworked 2023 – Rory Matier

Ewww Quick Tips

Welcome you to EWWW Quick Tips – that’s Earthen Wurmin’s Worm’s World to the unknowing – it’s a term l hear a lot from people when they first meet the worms and the compost and the compost worms “Ewww!”

So l figured, well, why not capitalise on that!

The quick tips series covers composting, gardening, hacks and other bits and bots too!

Earthen Wurmin and The Autistic Composter

Ewww Quick Tips Episode 16#
Ewww Quick Tips Directory

Eggshell Banana Fertiliser

Eggypeel Fertiliser

Suze and l will be planting out our tomatoes on the allotment this coming week, having grown them from seeds into seedlings, and one of our keen passions is making up organic nutrient mixtures from the resources we have available at home in comparison to buying liquid fertiliser feeds from the stores which can be expensive and not always effective.

One such mixture is the banana and eggshell combination for tomato plants.

The banana peels are a great source of potassium and phosphorous – valuable macronutrients that plants need when growing and developing. Whilst the eggshells bring calcium to the mix.

This mixture is an easy way of introducing protection against blossom end rot, which causes the browning/dark blotching of tomato fruits but also affects aubergines and peppers and is caused by a lack of calcium in the soils.

There are many methods of treating this organically; however, this is just one we use.

Some variations of this recipe include drying out the two main ingredients in the oven. However, we have found great success using blended ingredients, depositing a heaped spoon of the mixture into the dug hole, covering it with a fine sprinkling of vermicast/organic mulch or compost, and planting the tomato seedlings on top.

This mixture will immediately start to feed your seedlings and the surrounding soils and encourage worm activity.

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Collections – Earthen Wurmin, Inspired By Nature and The Autistic Composter

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The Gardener’s Greeting

If you are happy the whole world is happy, but if you are miserable, the universe will match that emotion.
Music – Aim

Common Knapweed

It always seems impossible until it’s done.
Nelson Mandela
If you’re going through hell, keep going.
Winston Churchill
Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.
Charles R. Swindoll
If you fell down yesterday, stand up today.
H. G. Wells

Great friendships make our days even greater!
The Morning Questions and Who would have thunk it series will return in July

Wishing all you great folks a fabulous day!

Faraway Olde Sweet Shoppe

If you would like to submit a poem, inspirational musing, or even a photograph you have written or taken to the Poetry Directory to be displayed in Earthly Comforts, l would love to hear from you.

Don’t Be Shy 🙂

Please email me at Rory Matier –, with Poetic Art for Earthly Comforts in the title.


Faraway Olde Sweet Shoppe

It’s not that today’s confectionery lacks originality,
For design alone, it has won many awards,
Yet l cannot help but feel that the candy,
Yesterday offered the consumer more rewards,
Everything now looks so pre-packed commercial,
And oh so exceedingly refined, tailored and neat,
With pristine perfectness as a sellable,
Asset to make the purchase complete,

But the sweets of today seem withdrawn,
From their cousins from the past,
Like they have been pawned,
By the manufacturers who decided to outclass,
The older candies that l knew as a boy,
And learned to love, adore and cherish,
That filled my mouth with sugar delights and joy,
Which, in my opinion, were way more coolish,
Than the wannabes that line the shelves,
Of today’s supermarkets and retail stores,
Making the lost novelties of yesteryears’ taste cells,
Seem more memorable than ever before!

How l long to see the olde fashioned sweet shoppe,
In all its former glory, regalia and quaintness,
When l used to walk in for a quick pit stop,
On my way home from school with my pocket of pennies,
How l fondly recall looking at all the boxes and jars,
Crammed full of their sweetened coloured candies,
The aisles overflowing with goodies like a faraway bazaar,
And to think, l remember the seventies!
 How things change in such short periods of time,
Like why is it that Wagonwheels are now so small,
And Curly Wurly’s are no longer the biggest climb,
Where did all my favourites disappear to, like Snowballs?
The candy store, a world of creative imagination,
For wide-eyed children of my yesterday,
It is now a much simpler and more clinical operation,
And no longer holds me spellbound in fantasy,
When l used to look with my jaw dropped down,
Goggling and fingers nervously tapping on the counter,
Drooling over what l should get this time around,
Or perhaps my jangling coppers could get me a mixture,
Oh yes, the candy store of oh so long ago for me,
It used to make me think of Willy Wonka,
And not forgetting Blytons’ Faraway Tree,
But now, when l look, l think, ‘Where are the …
Giant bubblegum laces, or Hubba Bubba and Bubblicious,
Or the sour horrors like Fireball Jawbreakers,
Terror eyes, Ice Bombs, Bubblegum Millions,
Not forgetting Bazooka Joe or heated Eyepoppers?
The assorted Tutti Fruitis, Black Jacks and Salads,
Sour Acid Drops, Mint Humbugs, Strawberries n Creams,
Refreshers galore, Wham Bars and Rhubarb n Custards,
Fizzy Lizzies, Lippy Chicks, oh grief and the Bonbons?
Candy Canes, JellyBeans and Bears, Sugar Pigs,
Jelly Worms, Love Hearts, Toffees that stuck fast,
Scary Spiders, Jelly Pythons, Vicious Vipers, Freaky Fish,
Chocolate Coins, and not forgetting awesome Toxic Waste,
White Mice, Chewing Nuts, Brown Gems,
Chocolate Bananas and Honey Combs,
Sherbet Dib Dabs, Merry Maids and Choc Limes,
Aniseed Twists, Winter Nips and Tom Thumbs,

The list is endless and would contain many more,
But these were the sweets of yesterday and were tops,
Completely different and original to today’s flavours,
But only available from Faraway Olde Sweet Shoppes!

Copyright © 2010 Rory Matier