Silent Sunday


Welcome to Silent Sunday

Naturally Abstract 2022


Yellow Flag Iris

Misty Stour Sunrise

Early Morning St Clements Church

St Clements

Early Morning Webbing

Cock’s Foot

Stour River Moorings



Sunrise over Stour

Welsh Poppy

A seagull asking for directions …

Squirrel pondering life…

Black-faced sheep

Growing Willows

Swan Lake

Wishing you all fabulous Sunday.

Saturday Greetings

Wishing every one a truly lovely day!


Kindness when unexpected is one of the most powerful gifts you can award to another person.

Lavenders and Bees
Lavenders and Bees

If you would like to submit a poem, inspirational musing, or even a photograph you have written or taken to the Poetry Directory to be displayed in Earthly Comforts, l would love to hear from you.

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Texas bluebonnet

Bee happy
Bee grateful
Bee grateful
Bee happy…
Copyright © ellie894 May 20, 2023

Ovate false fiddleleaf
said the flower to the bee…

May a delightful morsel
Be yours to nibble
May a lovely line
Be yours to ponder
May a shimmering hummer
Float before your eyes
May you have all that you need
And a touch of honey,
Blue waterleaf surprise…

Copyright © ellie894 August 9, 2020

There’s a beauty when a friend is found that thinks like you do it’s a real gift.

Best of the Month

Gazen Salts Cricket Grounds early morning.

“The flowry May, who from her green lap, throws the yellow cowslip and the pale primrose. Hail bounteous May that dost inspire mirth and youth and warm desire. Woods and groves are of thy dressing. Hill and dale doth boast thy blessing.”
John Milton

Best of the Month – of May 2023


Welcome to Best of the Month

I take hundreds of photographs each and every month – either out and about walking around the town of Sandwich or around Kent county where l live, whilst in the garden or the allotment or even when volunteering.

I take photographs of all sorts of things as well, from the typical and the normal to the more unusual or the quirky to the ‘ooh that’s different’.

This series is literally about moments l have captured during my travels whilst out with my cameras that l thought other people may appreciate also.

I hope you’ll enjoy the series.

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May 2023

Himalayan Clematis

Oh, blimey, where does one start regarding the month of May? The best way to describe the month is as a long game played slowly. The month flew by some days and wriggled along on others. Not all of the plans l had, which were aplenty, could be completed, yet many others not appointed any importance were. Suze and l were busy with life, volunteering, working, studies, writing, and the allotment. Plus, l must remember we were also fighting off various bugs, ailments, and, for me, injuries.

There were no country walks, and we haven’t been properly for a nature walk for around three months. It’ll get easier once we are in the winter months. By then, the allotment productions will have slowed down.

The images l have for you today, and l should imagine the same will be for June through to October, also are from the allotment – image wise working through the summer and autumn seasons.

I hope you enjoy the selection l have chosen.

Common Comfrey


Douglas’ Meadowfoam

Common Lilac


Tufted Vetch

Globe Artichoke

Ox Eye Daisy


Pyrenees Allium

Hispanic hyacinthoides – Pink Bluebells
Garden Bluebell


Dame’s Rocket
Dame’s Rocket

Hesperis matronalis is an herbaceous flowering plant species in the family Brassicaceae. It has numerous common names, including dame’s rocket, damask-violet, dame’s-violet, dames-wort, dame’s gilliflower, night-scented gilliflower, queen’s gilliflower, rogue’s gilliflower, summer lilac, sweet rocket, mother-of-the-evening, Good & Plenties, and winter gilliflower.

These plants are biennials or short-lived perennials, native to Eurasia and cultivated in many other areas of the world for their attractive, spring-blooming flowers. In some of those areas, it has escaped from cultivation and become a weed species. The genus name Hesperis was probably given because the scent of the flowers becomes more conspicuous towards evening (Hespera is the Greek word for evening)

Selected Best of May Photograph

Many flowers and plants are coming to life and blossoming both down at the allotment at this moment in time. But what l love the most about Dame’s Rocket is the absolute vibrancy and brilliance of the colours this particular image displays to you and the observer. Brilliant white and an enthusiastic lilac combined make for a sheerness of the exotic in colour combinations.

Designs – Earthly Comforts – Inspired by Nature – see collection here

Spring Morning

If you would like to submit a poem, inspirational musing, or even a photograph you have written or taken to the Poetry Directory to be displayed in Earthly Comforts, l would love to hear from you.

Don’t Be Shy 🙂

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Spring Morning

lilacs ‘neath blue skies
in lovely meadows, they grow
and smile with the sun

Copyright © 2023 Eugi – Moonwashed – All rights reserved.

“Lilac and star and bird twined with the chant of my soul,
There in the fragrant pines and the cedars dusk and dim.”
― Walt Whitman,

The Gardener’s Greeting

Choose life, choose the beauty of life and embrace it.
Music – Vacation

He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.
Friedrich Nietzsche
The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.
William Morris
We do not remember days, we remember moments.
Cesare Pavese
Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.

Country Slices

When you shine those around you shine also.
The Morning Questions and Who would have thunk it series will return in July

Wishing all you great folks a fabulous day!